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We hope you enjoy the replays of some of our past presentations. 

Click on the watch presentation link below the presentation title to be taken to their presentation. 

All of the presentations are in their original "rough" form,  with meeting room chats.

You can also find many of these presentations oN PTA YouTube  and  New Realities YouTube

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Lisa Barnett

Akasha - Access the Wisdom of Your Infinite Soul

Brittany Renee

The Brittany Renee Experience

Family Share Night

Time to Share Stories

KArin Swain

How to activate our powers of creation, remember our soul purpose, cosmic heritage and multidimensional realities.

Ismael Perez

Segment #2 of Our Cosmic and Galactic heritage and the extra terrestrial involvement in the development of the human race

Alan Pratt

Hybrid Human, Healer & Investigative Intuitive

Larisa Stow & Nuriya Akers

One Heart Orchestra

Sevyn of the Stars

Sevyn of the Stars

Jennifer Berryhill

Interview with Michelle Anderson as we discuss the vision for SunFire Festival

Katherine Skaggs

Sacred Art to Heal and Awaken

Craig Campobasso

Award Winning Author

Debbie Solaris

Influence of ET Galactic History on Earth

Dan Harary


Philip Gruber

The M.O.S.T. Program: Maximum Optimization Success Training, with Phil Gruber and special guests Marianna Leah and Kristen Ragusin

Adam Iannotta

The 7 Secrets of Greatness

VerDarLuz CelestiOwl

Path of the Mystic: Teachings in Non-Duality, StarSeed Astrology & Human Design

Katherine Skaggs

Working with Divine Feminine to Open the Heart with Harmony and Joy

John Burgos

Bringing to light the power of the collective consciousness

Matthew John

Understanding Your Starseed Origins

Siobhan Nicolaou

The Emerging Consciousness of Non Duality

Denise Mange

Unleash Soul Potential with Pets

Aage Nost

Holographic Universe

Dan Willis

Disclosure Then and Now

Michele Rae

Co-creating Together in the New Era

Teresa Stone

Sun Fire Festival Invitation

April Cotton Dyck

Mind Mapping the Da Vinci Way

Melissa Feick

Awakening Your Cosmic Connection

April Cotton Dyck

Making Contact with ORBS

Lori Spagna

Divine Alignment

Victoria Reynolds

Peace on Earth

Kaliana Raphael Rose

Healing the Galactic wounds through the Grace of the Galactic Mother.

Greg Hman

The Healing Power of Hydrogen Part 2

Raquel Spring

Raquel is 4th generation Astrologer, is a speaker, teacher, and guide for the incoming evolutionary paradigm of Aquarian consciousness, and a leader for the new human awakening now.

Heidi Sime

Magical Frequency Workshop

Chrystopher Kyng

Chyronic Healing & the Ascension of Astrology

Adrian Vallera

Stairway to the Stars

Frank Jacob

Frank Jacob

Rochelle Stevenson

Rochelle Stevenson

Ismael Perez

Segment #1 Our Cosmic and Galactic heritage and the extra terrestrial involvement in the development of the human race

Corrina Rider

An Introduction, Background and Overview of the Environmentally You Environmental Wellness Design Methodology

Sarah Breskman Cosme

The Emergence of Ancient History

Stone Hobbit

Navigating Transmutation & Dimensional Contact

Sofija Bogdanovic

Painting the Healing Journey

Susan Walters

Angels & Solfeggio Frequencies how they are connected

April Cotton Dyck

Inspired by the Supernatural

Radhaa Nilia

Why it's important to be a "frequency keeper" here on earth

Joan of Angels

Activate your Presence and Stand in Your Power

Asil Toksal

Aligning for Ascension with Unconditional Support from Celestial Beings

Greg Hman

The Healing Power of Hydrogen - Part 1

Lori Spagna

Realigning Your Multi-Dimensional Heart And Purifying Your Morpho-Genetic Field

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