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We hope you enjoy the replays of some of our past presentations. 

Click on the watch presentation link below the presentation title to be taken to their presentation. 

All of the presentations are in their original "rough" form,  with meeting room chats.

You can also find many of these presentations oN PTA YouTube  and  New Realities YouTube

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Greg Hman

The Healing Power of Hydrogen - Part 1

Lori Spagna

Realigning Your Multi-Dimensional Heart And Purifying Your Morpho-Genetic Field

Zenka Caro

Science & Spirituality come together to create a world of magic

Phil Gruber and Marianna Leah

The Pistis Sophia and the Gospel of Mary

Debra Giusti

Ascension Tips! A Simple Blueprint To Support Your Ascension Journey

Jeff Demmers

Glimpse of this fascinating world 14 lightyears away

Addison Ames

"The Becoming" - A Galactic Program

VerDarLuz CelestiOwl

Path of the Mystic: Teachings in Non-Duality, StarSeed Astrology & Human Design

Katherine Skaggs

Working with Divine Feminine to Open the Heart with Harmony and Joy

Philip Gruber

"The Wizard of Oz: Visions of an Emerald Beyond"

Phil Gruber and Marianna Leah

The Pistis Sophia and the Gospel of Mary, with Phil Gruber and Marianna Leah

David Wallace

Poulametry, Quantum Hypertext and the New Era of Hyper physics nomenclature

Sperry Andrews

($27M) multimedia ‘partnership proposal’ to “De-Hypnotize Humanity

Peter Benson

Healing Properties of the Tensor Technology

Raquel Spring

Raquel is 4th generation Astrologer, is a speaker, teacher, and guide for the incoming evolutionary paradigm of Aquarian consciousness, and a leader for the new human awakening now.

Heidi Sime

Magical Frequency Workshop

Zoe Davenport

Return to source - The path of awakening

Marcela Velasco

Contact with light beings and connecting worlds

Kara Goodwin

Maximizing the Technology of Your Human Being

Isaac Mars

Uniting the Rainbow Tribe with Unity Theory

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