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Loney Burns

We Act - Part One

The story begins to unravel
And the story is tattered and torn
The characters are lively and fun
It's just their nature since they were born
The setting is varied and as different
And each part of the play is the same
The action begins to reach for the end
And each life seems to be playing the game
SO where will the astute director begin
In giving cues to the ones on stage
And how will all of the players present their lines
As though each word will complete the page
None fear to pretend that they are in-deed not
Then they act with the greatest of ease
With confidence living the story by their lines
The final curtain call comes and the applause they seize
The end comes and the actors go
Part one of the show is done
The scene is rapidly changed
Transforming part two from one
The actors are somewhat different now
The outer shell seems to be new again
The lights above glow down brightly
As a new character comes from within

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