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Earth's Magnetic Field

As technology on our planet exponentially progresses and we as a civilization begin to dissect and understand the nature of our reality; new discoveries are being made that explain our place in the cosmos on a deeper level. In 2019 NASA released the findings of THEMIS mission that has proved a 45 year old theory that the outer boundary of Earth’s magnetic field vibrates like a drum. This means that the Earth’s Electromagnetic field has some sort of resonance occurring in which it vibrates and oscillates. 

Neil Gaur, Founder, Portal to Ascension


The "Mother Shipton Prophesies", as they are known, are very controversial, and debates have raged for centuries as to their authenticity.  But one thing is certain; what has been long prophesied and anticipated for countless generations is finally coming to pass!!!  For hundreds of years, waves of souls have been incarnating on the planet for no less a reason than to help facilitate our, and the planet's
ascension into the next Golden Age!  These beings are collectively known as the INDIGOS.

Phil Gruber, Author, Teacher, Healer 

Inner Guidance

It was during a few near-death experiences that I realized there is more to a human being than the physical body. Suddenly my conscious awareness was separated from my physicality. The body collapsed without any prior notice. While it was lying on the ground, my consciousness interacted with intelligences from another dimension.

Hildegard Gmeiner, Author, Consultant 

Inspirational Learning

Kiara is here to help support the emergence of the new earth. He shares his knowledge and early writings about how we transform conditions on this planet, so we can experience the beauty and wonder of being.  Click on any of the articles below for inspirational learning  the journey of awakening.

Relationshift                                                       Reflections on Enlightenment
Enlightenment and Human Evolution           Sri Aurobindo and Human Evolution                Exploring the '12 Pheonomenon                    The Three Days of Darkness
2012 and the Emergence of Divine Light.     Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps

Approaching Year Zero - Part 1,2,3

Kiara Windrider, Author, Healer, Teacher

Light Language

Light language is a soul/cosmic language. It is the voice/codes of Creation. This language is a heart language which our souls embrace and enjoy. It is expressed throughout the star systems, including Earth. When spoken or written, many people resonate with these languages. The light codes speak directly to the physical body as well as to the entire holographic blueprint/DNA and soul of a person.

Jacquelin Smith, B.A., C.Ht., Light Linguist

Mary Hardy

Pyramids and obelisks are antennas. The Holy Grail Vortex activates these antennas with the earth's grid to the Earth motor. In this way we can overcome the 5G.

I would like to share with you how the Holy Grail Vortex works. It is a prayer that we do to retune the frequency of the planet to love. We can place this vortex over the 5G towers and the thousands of obelisks around the world to retune the grid to the frequency of love.
Please see the attachments and watch this Youtube video showing how to do the Holy Grail Vortex:

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