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Dr. Richard Horowitz

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The meditation practices that will be shared by Dr Richard Horowitz involve elements of the yoga sutra of Patanjali along with a three-step process taught to him by meditation masters of the Karma Kagyu Tibetan lineage, during 40 years of spiritual training.


The first step, calm abiding meditation (chinay/shamata) leads to stability of mind.


The second step, insight meditation (vipassana/lhatong), helps to develop clarity of mind, especially with regard to the nature of thoughts, emotions and consciousness itself.


The third and final step, Mahamudra meditation, combines the elements of stability and insight, so as to allow the meditator to experience the basic nature of mind, the inseparable unity of clarity and emptiness.


Once in this state during group meditations, whether a beginner or advanced meditator, we will access the power of synchronistic coherence to help effect positive changes in both ourselves, i.e., self-empowerment, while helping to create positive conditions in the 'external' world. 

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