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JoAnne Palladino

During this lifetime JoAnne Palladino is referred to as a Wayshower, Lightworker, Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive, Guru, Shaman, and Spiritual Guide. She sees herself simply as a conduit-channel for Shmaya, which is the Voice of God. If we view this gift on the personality level it is truly extraordinary yet from JoAnne’s True Self perspective it is ordinary.

JoAnne spontaneously started channeling Shmaya, which is the essence of light language, over 10 years ago. Shmaya is an illumined presence that carries the vibrations of Source Energy, love and light, and speaks to each person and the collective from beyond the beyond. The transmissions from Shmaya connect the receiver to the Divinity within them. While in meditation, JoAnne received the message that Shmaya has come during this time to support the awakening of humanity.

Shmaya, The Voice of God
Shmaya is an Aramaic word and is referred to in ancient gospels. The root shm indicates that which rises and shines in space, the entire sphere of a being. The ending aya shows that this shining includes every center of activity, every place we see, as well as the potential abilities of all one can recognized the Oneness-God’s name is the universe.
From: Prayers of the Cosmos, By: Neil Douglas-Klotz

Sessions with JoAnne Palladino
Sessions with JoAnne are available one-on-one and in groups. Your time with JoAnne will touch on all aspects of your being that invites mental clarity, emotional balance, physical resilience and spiritual alignment. Session can be held via phone or Zoom.

JoAnne Palladino
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