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Gita Rose

In her upcoming presentation with W.I.S.H Alliance, Gita Rose will share with us encouraging ways to further allow our unique Artistry and Creativity to shine through our spiritual and metaphysical explorations.

As humans we learn through storytelling. As well as by offering and receiving many different forms of Art as communication that aids in our collective’s expansion. It is through the lens of creativity that we are able to release insistence or confusion on the details, we can see through the illusion of old fashioned definitions and focus on the underlying truths that have the potential to unite us all. Through allowing our creative artists to blossom we are able to further tap into the application of our spiritual understandings, deepening our ability to release insistences and create offerings that birth more of our natural selves and invite a wider net of our collective to explore their own essence and imagination.

Gita Rose
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