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"Waxéla (wa-shay-la) Sananda

Starseed Memoirs

Waxela’s earliest ET contact memories began around age 3 and she has had a lifetime full of multidimensional experiences, extradimensional contact, and memories of lifetimes in many other planets and realities.

In this presentation she will share some of the experiences that most impacted and transformed her life. This will be followed by a frequency encoded activation meditation.


Journey into the 4th

Acurda Melchizedek

Architecting DNA

Alan Steinfeld

Making Contact

Alan Steinfeld

Making Contact

Alan Steinfeld

Emmissary of WISH Alliance

Alan Steinfeld & Zenka Caro

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Andrea Perron

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Anthony Russell

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April Cotton Dyck

Windows into Other Worlds - Photo Presentation

April Curry

Experience a Akashic Reiki Journey!

April Dyke, Faye Waddington-Ayres & Gary Borse

Exoconscious Humans: Communication and Art

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