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Do., 09. Nov.


Online Event

Ella LeBain

Discerning Disclosure of ETs, Aliens, Exoplanets & Space Controversies

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Ella LeBain
Ella LeBain

Zeit & Ort

09. Nov. 2023, 19:00

Online Event

Über die Veranstaltung

Discerning Disclosure of Aliens; Ancient Civilizations; Ancient Aliens, Spaceships in the Bible; Extraterrestrials in Biblical Prophecy; Spaceships Around the Sun Today; Why is the Sun Perturbed? All About the Nemesis-Nibiru System Intersecting in our Solar System; Why there's an uptick in UFO Sightings that coincides with our Disclosure Era; Processional Ages and Earth Changes, Heaven Comes to Earth in the Age to Come.  ** "Discernment" of Who's Who within the ET/Aliens/Gods/Angels realms. Are these Beings friend or foe? Or a bit of both?  ** The historical “Biblical Battles” that have already taken place between Alien Races as evidenced in the great rejected Jewish scriptures that the Church of Rome deleted from today’s Biblical canon. Ella can also expose The Church’s history of antisemitism and misogyny, and how these ideas are connected to the Anunnaki and the Bible’s “Fallen Angel” stories.  ** Unraveling "End Times Prophesies:” Ella is a scholar on the topic of how the pending UFO Disclosure and the "Alien Presence" Big Reveal is directly connected to the Nemesis-Nibiru System intersecting within our Solar System. (This was the point of the 5th book within her “Who’s Who” series, in a section called The Heavens.) ** Understanding the real Star Wars (the battles with and between the various Alien species over us on the Earth) with the real Star Trek (America’s real secret space program). Ella has become a popular regular speaker at a number of Sci-Fi conventions with her lectures entitled: TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION! ** Why Jerusalem? Why Israel? Ella understands the true connection between Alien Disclosure and Israel. (Her 1st book begins with these questions and lays the foundation for paying attention to the Jewish Prophecies.)  ** Spaceships Around the Sun: Ella can discuss “Why Is Our Sun so Perturbed?”

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