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Monica Ramirez

Believing in ourselves --it's such a game changer!

Recorded Zoom Interview

Jen Majenta Moon

Jen Majenta Moon is a Shamanic Practitioner, Ceremonialist and Spirit Channeler. She is a true advocate for the importance of how to create ritual to manifest your work and dreams into becoming your reality, and is best recognised for her craft in providing spiritual medicineas healing.

With a comprehensive career in the industry spanning over 25 years, Jen Majenta Moon creates potent transformative spaces, curates exclusive experiences and facilitates intimate healings for people drawn to the realms of the Spiritual and Shamanic.

Hildegard Gmeiner

Self Discovery & Self Actualization

Hildegard will be speaking about the self-discovery and self-actualization process she had to go through herself, and now is ready to facilitate in others. She will show you how, each and everyone of us already creates our very own, unique universe on a day-to-day basis. Once we understand how the implicit and explicit universes are intertwined and recognize, how to tune ourselves into the vibration of a specific, desired outcome, we can go from struggle to ease. Understanding more about our inner programs and how to transform those, which sabotage our success, will ultimately let our soul sing. Aware of our unique innate abilities and gifts and courageously trusting and employing them, enables us to fulfill our dreams, while simultaneously contributing our part toward the collective evolution of humankind. "As Human beings, we are powerful creator beings, who, however, have not yet fully awoken, nor activated nor expressed our fullest soul potential. I will also briefly speak about what intuitive consulting is and my ability to receive visual images clairvoyantly, which might be meaningless to me, yet are usually helpful to the person I am speaking with. I love to facilitate the self-discovery and self-actualization process. It is my Earth Mission to assist all those interested in finding out 'what makes them really tick' to become aware of their inner subconscious and mental conditioning and how to reprogram self-sabotaging patternings and override them with those, which lead to healing, self-appreciation, and self-actualization." - Hildegard Gmeiner


Angel Speaks

Recorded Zoom Interview
Zareziel works on the Cumulative Soul or Source level as well as your Genetic Blueprint to help redesign and reprogram new realities - transforming your life effortlessly while materializing fast and tangible results and manifesting abundance in all areas of your lives. Many now are celebrating their new lives after just one or more sessions with Zareziel. Zareziel is a Loving & Powerful Thought Leader Spiritual Mentor, Quantum Empathic Energy Healer, and Neuro-Practioner. She is the Bridge, Transmitter, Anchor, Face , and Conscious embodiment of the 23rd Dimensional 10th level Angelic Realm known as “ Those of the Highest Light”. She aligns the Collective Consciousness of humanity to the Consciousness of the Divine/ Creator of all that is/ Divine Feminine Mother or what many call the Mind of G-d. For the past eleven years, she has been what she calls laughingly "Hiding in Plain Sight". She has been traveling throughout the United States quietly having Powerful and Transformative Healing Sessions, Retreats, and Intimate Gatherings for the past years. Transmitting, and Anchoring the power of Divine Truth and Unity Consciousness as well as anchoring the Frequency of the 23rd Dimensional Angelic Consciousness. The Frequency that Zareziel anchors, puts people in alignment with their Authentic Selves, aligns you to the Presence of the Divine and Self Unification. Which results in spiritual epiphanies, Healing, transformations, and advancements for the benefit of the Collective Consciousness known as Humanity one Soul at a time.

Scott Werner

Ascension Pathway

Scott Werner was born with the gift of higher dimensional sight, which means that when he “tunes in” to someone, he would not only see them in the physical level but also “see” them on multi-dimensional levels. ​ Scott had two near death experiences when he was young. The first time was at the age of 13 and the other at the age of 20. Each time that he came back into consciousness, he returned with the inner knowing that his role in this life is to assist in the “healing of humanity,” and his “gifts” were enhanced to the degree that he intuitively sees the physical body. In 1986, at the age of 29, Scott was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, with multiple lesions on his spine and brain. Even though he was working at one of the best Medical facilities in the United States, his was given only 3 months to live. Unsatisfied with that prognosis, he went home and prayed for guidance. ​ In a dream that night, he was told that he would “heal his own cancer.” He did just that by using parasite cleanses, changing his diet and releasing emotional blockage in his life. He began studying herbs, and there properties. This started his extensive path into alternative healing methods. Using parasite cleanses, herbs, toning, nutritional support, and detoxing the body. ​ Scott now works in the spiritual realms with Ascended Masters including Saint Germaine and others. He will share his knowledge of these higher realms during the Summer Solstice SpiritFest Conscious Awakening this June. Scott's books will be available for purchase as well as his wife's book, The Secret to Healing and Recovery by Vicki Werner. ​ A Little History Scott Werner received his Medical degree from Saint Louis University School of medicine in 1986, specializing as an OB/GYN and general practitioner for 14 years. ​ He practiced at Good Samaritan medical center in Phoenix, Arizona. Scott was recognized in advanced laparoscopic laser surgery and Gynecological laser surgery. He later moved his successful medical practice to Utah and during his career he delivered over 2000 babies successfully. Scott used Alternative/complementary techniques and has seen thousands of patients. ​ Scott used herbs, homeopathic and energetic remedies and Chelation therapy in the improvement of health and wellness in “untreatable illnesses and dis-ease”. He relinquished his Medical license in Utah and Arizona and left traditional medicine in 2005 and opened an herb store in St. George Utah. Scott has lectured extensively to private and professional groups throughout the United States educating them about multiple healing modalities, and herbal products. He is very gifted, incredibly insightful, informative, animated and entertaining. He has lectured on many health subjects ranging from Parasites to virus and from nutritional support to healing energy blockages. He has thousands of clients all over the world, who have sought him out for his knowledge of these process’. He has also lectured many times for the annual conferences held through Systemic Formulas. ​ Scott truly believes and is of the opinion, that all “dis-ease” is a combination of too much toxicity and not enough nutrition in the body, coupled with emotions that deplete our health. He has a very spiritual understanding to the approach to wellness and has worked extensively with world class healer, Katherine Beck. He has learned many healing methods and techniques. ​

Marc Brinkerhoff

Tells All Part 1 and Part 2

Marc is a contactee, Lucid Remote Viewer of his ET Family, Crew and spacecraft. He is a self-aware Aspect from 12th plus dimensional Universals of The Christ Group, The Alsyglion Group, The Asteron Intergalactic Command and a 'Walk-in' who remembers entering this life unveiled. Ingo Swann identified Marc as his own Higher Self walk-in the day he met him. Ingo died in 2013 but was a very close friend for 18 years. The ETs reside on massive Arcvannas (planetary-like space craft) manifesting on highest 7th plus dimensions (planes of consciousness). They are beyond the idea of spiritual masters, (our words, not theirs, as they are profoundly humble). As to why he came in at this time…It is actually a love story for those of you who understand reincarnation. Marc came to rescue an aspect of his Soulmate (his wife). She had been reincarnating onto Earth since taking on a physical life during the early times of Atlantis. The truth is that this time in Earth’s history is pivotal as we are coming to the end of a 12+ thousand year cycle where geological events could cast Earth into the stone age (again). People need to wake up and stop the cycle of rebirth onto low frequency planets wrought with endless challenges. We think the Bible shows 'reincarnation' (transmigration of soul) in a few places, but this one is pretty obvious: John, Chapter 9 Verses 1-3. Marc is able to often call in interdimensional Extraterrestrial Craft to be witnessed and photographed to bear witness to his ongoing contact. He can be seen in the award winning film by James Carman, 'The Hidden Hand'. Marc's presence in the film provides the benevolent aspect of human and ET interaction. In lectures and workshops Marc provides spiritual tools taught by his 'ET group' for 'Frequency Upgrading'. These sacred tools have delighted students with transformational experiences, contact with Sananda/Yahoshua, Higher Selves, Overselves etc. and sometimes spontaneous healing. The Universal ETs suggest, “It is time for the Sleepers to Awaken to their own magnificent Future Universal Selves.” Marc's ET group is always engaged with 'The Christ Group' which is composed of Archangels, Christ Angels, Intergalactic ET Masters and Spiritual Master Teachers. (Marc says he has really never heard any others speak of this group). They ALL operate under the sacred direction of Sananda, who was known as Yeshoshua (Jesus) on planet Earth, who is Master of all Masters and the ONLY Divine Son who sits at the right hand of the Father (YAHWEH). Marc is teaching what he knows from the highest levels of people's Oversouls. On the 10th and higher dimensions ALL souls recognize Sananda's True Divinity as the 2nd person of the 3 fold Creator. Many false (demonically inspired) doctrines have confused seekers and Marc is attempting to set the record straight. Ancient fake news has been in play by demonic forces since civilization emerged. The concept of true Divinity has been misunderstood because we were created from Divinity but are not ourselves Divine as Sananda is. However, it is true that our Oversouls are very powerful beings, but always humbly operate under the direction of our Infinite Radiant Creator. Core teachings: Conscious Experience with Your Authentic Self (Oversoul etc.) - At the center of all profoundly realized consciousness upgrades is love, reverence and gratitude for our Infinite Radiant Creator (YAHWEH) with knowledge of the TRUTH and Sananda's (Yahoshua’s) sovereignty in the Universe. Practice this in prayer and contemplation and watch what happens. Evolution of Earth Soul Intelligence - Uncover your Universal Soul Perspective and be released from limited terrestrial thinking and endless incarnations back into low dimensional, physical 'teaching planets'. Profound Energy Shifting Technologies - Learn protocols and activations to link you consciously to your Higher Self or Oversoul (Authentic Self, True Self etc). Cosmic Brotherhood/Sisterhood/Personhood - All Souls are created from the One Infinite Creator. As such, all awakened cosmic beings consider us their brothers and sisters in the Light. Universal ETs have always said, "You See Yourself Through Your Brother's and Sister's Eyes." A word from Marc... I've been in contact as far back as I can remember and have been seeing physical UFOs with and without witnesses since I was 4 years old. I remember visiting my ET Family as an adult most every night in my dreams before I could talk or walk. Eventually I realized these were not dreams but out-of-body travels. I started taking photos of UFOs in 1976 with film and stopped temporarily in 1986. In 2008, I began shooting UFOs again with digital cameras, though I had been seeing Extraterrestrial Lightships and ETs even when I wasn't trying to capture them on film. I admit, I've become a bit bored with this endeavor as it only serves to illustrate to most people what they already know. 'We are not alone'. I'm far more interested in teaching students how to reach in and up to their own magnificent Universal/Future Selves. I'm a messenger from a benevolent group of Extraterrestrials residing in extremely fine dimensions, The Alsyglion Group, who are my personal spiritual family. I agreed to take a physical body to get space boots on the ground so to speak, rescue my Soul Mate and to help at this momentous time in the evolution of Planet Earth. I am a Walk-in and was recognized as such in 1980, by the late Ruth Montgomery who wrote, 'Strangers Among Us', before she met me. Ingo Swann, who became a close friend for 18 years, also recognized that I was a Walk-in when he met me. As you may know, he left this reality in January 2013. However, I do hear from Ingo occasionally and sometimes see him out-of-body. The Universal ETs exist on much finer frequencies than ours and are interested deeply in our spiritual as well as physical evolution. I have been allowed to bring in teachings that were hidden until our galaxy started moving through an area in space of accelerating frequencies. Freedom from karmic traps is actually possible now for many who want to learn and can live a loving, forgiving, conscious life. My ET group works closely with Ashtar Sheran and his command. All of the higher frequency ETs are interested in our evolution and preservation of our sacred Mother Earth. There are multiple civilizations visiting the Earth with only 30 percent from the physical dimensions of planets and the rest are made up of higher dimensional ETs. The Universal ETs DO NOT need anything from our planet or us. They want you to realize the frequency of our planet is changing and so must we. They suggest you Transform Your Thoughts to Transform The World. They are our brothers and sisters in the Light of Our Infinite Creator and love ALL of mankind with no exceptions. They are 'The Signs in the Sky' noted in the Bible. They know we are all magnificent souls on an epic journey back to Creator. In future evolutions, YOU will most certainly be extending your help to universal family members throughout the Universe, who have also forgotten their authentic roots. There are 'Many Mansions' in Creator's Reality, as noted by our Divine Beloved Savior, Yahoshua/Sananda. Talents and Abilities Lucid Remote Viewing of ET Family & Spacecraft - Marc can call in the presence of the Universal Extraterrestrials he is in contact with. He is fully conscious at all times, even when they speak through him. You might say he can 'remote view' his ET family at will. Contactee - Has been physically on-board Extraterrestrial Spacecraft and had multiple encounters with benevolent beings. Major CEIII was documented by ‘The Scientific Bureau of Investigation’ (The SBI) headed by Pete Mazzola. In addition, Marc is always 'in contact' mentally with his Universal ET group and can channel them at will. Marc was physically contacted again on August 10, 2015 in Central Park by an Etherian Extraterrestrial working with the Ashtar Command, and teleported to a ship hovering high in the sky. UFO Photographer - Marc is directed to capture photographs of space craft. His early photography and encounters were thoroughly investigated by MUFON from the end of 1976 to 1978. From 1979 through 1981 my UFO photographs and story was investigated by ‘The Scientific Bureau of Investigation’ (The SBI), headed by Pete Mazzola. He started capturing NEW UFO photos in 2009.This gift is designed to inspire people to tune up to their own ET families residing on finer frequencies of light. Born Without the Veil - Clairvoyant, Clairaudiant, Medium, etc. Mystic Artist - Able to see and illustrate beings that exist beyond our dimension, such as Yahoshua/Sananda, Blessed Mary, Ashtar, Guardian Angels, Higher Selves and/or Oversouls, plus higher dimensional Extraterrestrials, and inhabitants of the Elemental Kingdom. He is also adept at illustrating all types of animals, though he has no formal training on Earth. His mediums of choice are oil, pastel and graphite, though he is a gifted sculptor as well. Soul Traveler - Ability to Soul Travel and remember. This type of Soul traveling far exceeds Astral traveling and normal Out-of-Body experiences which he also can accomplish. Some have dubbed it Eckankar, but he was doing it long before he ever heard of this term. Clear Channel - Ability to intuitively and physically see, hear and communicate with Angels, Nature Spirits, Universal ET and Earth Masters and often can speak telepathically with animals.

James Twyman


W.I.S.H Alliance is proud to announce a very special webinar with internationally-renowned New York Times best-selling author, musician, Peace Troubadour, and Filmmaker James F. Twyman. "Finding Peace in the Midst of Existential Crisis: Lessons in Simplicity, Humanity and Love" from St. Francis ​ James first came to the attention of the world by virtue of putting the 12 Peace Prayers of the Major Religions of the World to music; it was as if the prayers were waiting to be sung, and collectively chose Jimmy as their voice. In his newly-dubbed role as Peace Troubadour, he journeyed by invitation or intuitive guidance to many embattled, war-torn areas of the world, often in the midst of violent conflict, to give concerts, singing songs and offering his unique perspectives in the name of peace, reconciliation, mutual respect and trust. It was on one of these sojourns that James came to the attention of a special group of peacemakers called 'The Emissaries of Light", where James was privy to the workings of a very special group of peacemakers, who, for untold ages, have gathered in areas of conflict in the world, to became beacons of Divine Light. The vision of a new world and a new humanity that was shared with James and the lessons he learned, which are chronicled in his first book "Emissary of Light: Visions of Peace" are even more profound, significant and enduring in our present time. I first met James at a World Sound Healing Conference in Loveland, Co. in the light of a double rainbow at the close of the event, on the advent of his revelations of the Emissaries, and have been blessed to have accompanied him on adventures and journeys in many parts of the world, from The Second City of Chicago to The Holy City of Jerusalem to The Holy See in Rome...from Edinburgh to the Borough of Brooklyn, NY and from The City of Angels to The Land Down Under. James has written 18 books, including the best-selling, "Emissary of Light: Visions of Peace", "The Moses Code", and "The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking", produced and recorded over 18 albums, produced/and or directed 7 films, including the award-winning "Indigo", as well as the first documentary on the Indigo Children, The Indigo Evolution". He conducts seminars, workshops and retreats around the world, as well as initiating world synchronized meditations for Planetary and Universal Peace in which millions around the world participate and which literal miracles have manifested. James has a 'knack' for drawing in millions of people in synchronized prayer across the globe. His work as a 'man of peace', which included "The Cloth of Many Colors Project" at the United Nations, where he has spoken twice, as well The Pentagon and US Capitol , in my estimation, is unparalleled. He is the founder of The Beloved Community, an inter-religious organization that has ordained over 600 ministers of peace (of which I am proud to be one) around the world, through The Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking James is a novice in the community of Francis and Clare, a Franciscan order within the Anglican tradition. He is the founder pf Namaste Village in Anjijic, Mexico, an interfaith spiritual community. James continues to promote peace, opportunities for personal growth and spiritual awakening through web-based courses as well as conferences and events around the world. ​ Provided by: Phil Gruber

Marina Jacobi

Quantum Manifestation

Marina Jacobi From a little girl Marina Jacobi has had the ability to connect with loved ones from the other side, through a process of automatic writing, as well as having vivid dreams that were becoming real. She has also developed the ability to truly connect with different guidance’s through her life. Eventually Marina relocated to the United States, where she was connected with an E.T. race that called themselves, Hybrids. The Hybrids taught Marina to telepathically connect and hear them with the new metaphysical teachings. She learned the structure of the universe, and the connection with consciousness, the quantum field, parallel realities, dimensions and the true existence and nature of the E.T. races. This led Marina to develop a true understanding and education about the nature of our existence guided by the Hybrids. They also taught her how to detox her body. Marina Jacobi is currently on a raw vegan/ juicing diet. Before 2012, she was connected by RA who taught her a higher level of teachings and the changes to planet Earth. She was also connected by The Pleiadian’s that gave her the new advanced E.T. Technology, which she documented in two books called 'The Harmonic Reactor' and the latest book, ‘Nano Technologies’. The technologies are about teleportation, parallel realities, dimension, densities, healing, and the life AI consciousness for quantum computer algorithm. Lately, Marina is working with a higher consciousness called The Council of 9, and working with different scientist to help humanity with the ascension of the new 5D Earth. Finally, in 2016, Marina was contacted by the 11 Dimensional Beings were she receives new messages for humanity about technologies, current status of government structures, and suggestions for the new Earth Aria intergalactic timeline. Marina continues to distribute and help humanity to this day. To learn more about Marina Jacobi and her work, please visit her website at:

Marianna Leah

Presentation will include a World Peace Blessing, Prayer, Light Language Transmission, and a Live Channeling of the Divine Sacred Feminine.

Marianna Leah is a natural born medium and psychic who developed a following in Union Square Park in New York City after she began giving readings, psychic advice, and “communicating with departed loved ones,” for residents in the area. She is also a practicing Soul Retrieval Specialist, DNA Activator, and Quantum Vector Healer, helping people from all walks of life to unlock their greatest potential. She has been teaching a modified version of Kemetic Yoga for nine years and is the founder of the Light of Love Meditation Program hosted in Brooklyn, New York. Marianna strives to be a platform of healing to those who seek to view life with a different lens. She serves as a messenger for those that wish to open their hearts and their minds to limitless possibilities of creation and manifestation. She understands people deeply on a Soul level and desires to help as many to heal and awaken as possible. She teaches people how to draw strength from within and “real-eyes” their own power and their own ability to shift any area of their lives and make any of their dreams manifest. She serves as a quantum bridge between what is becoming and what will become on a multidimensional level. Marianna works with clients all around the globe, including Africa and the Middle East. Prior to the pandemic, she traveled internationally on sacred journeys to conduct timeline and grid work healing. During the shutdown till present, she has dedicated her time to spread the Divine Message across virtually building and forming a giant global community. In 2018, she spent a bit of time journeying through Israel, on a spiritual quest, where she discovered her ancient roots and connected to her aspect energy of Mary Magdalene. After undergoing a major soul retrieval and past lifetime healing of her own since then, she deeply connected with the Divine Sacred Feminine energy and has become a well-known channel for it across many circles.

Debbie Garcia

G-Vibe Girl

DEBBIE GARCIA She is known as the g-vibe girl and spends her days studying, practicing and teaching gratitude intelligence skills. Debbie G sparks the g-vibe with everyone she meets. The G-Vibe is our gratitude vibe and this is the space that Debbie loves to most reside and teach others how to reside in as well. in her own words “Without your dark, you wouldn’t know your spark. I am Debbie G and my favorite thing in this world to spark the G-vibe (that’s the gratitude vibration for you newbies) I am that I am! I am on this planet to bring forward to tools that I’ve learned along this adventure we call life. This beautiful glorious messy adventure, that requires a new perspective almost on a daily basis.” More about Debbie G: She is the founder of the explosive and forward thinking Spirituality Gone Wild, Certified Love Coach, Gratitude Alchemist, Reiki Master and a self love breakthrough coach who uses customized methods in the most loving way possible to produce results for her clients. The vision for Spirituality Gone Wild was birthed from deep conversations with a dear friend of Debbie’s, Bob Miller, many years ago. SGW was born to create a safe space for those doing great work, to be seen. It is a Broadcasting and Media Channel dedicated to raising the levels of compassion, gratitude, joy, love, kindness, Peace On Earth and well-being for all. We are using social media for a greater good and offer awesome content, health experts, and uplifting and inspiring hosts and guests. It truly is the wild, wild west channel of Spirituality where all are welcome. The visions (all of our visions), met with collaboration from around the world, creates an ebb and flow of peace on earth, this is the “why” Debbie shows up. Watch as God/ Source energy, divine intelligence orchestrates the synchronicities. As the saying goes at SGW, forget the how and get ready for the wow with a team of WHO’sville ready to play in the real field of dreams.

KAren Swain

Frequency Light Upgrade

As bringers of the light here to create, enlighten, teach and remind humanity of their powers of manifestation, creation, focus and thought, we are being asked to align our own energy field with more love, more grace, more freedom and light, so we can empower and support the awakening masses. Over the past couple of months, we have been asked to rest, rejuvenate, realign and allow our energy and physical systems to recalibrate to a new way of living in this world. KAren will speak about how to deal with this, manifestations of beliefs, thoughts and focus, and how to stay in your light lane, and not get swept away with the mainstream narratives of fear and disempowerment. KAren Swain is a Teacher of Deliberate Creation, Spiritual Mentor, Inspirational Educator/Speaker, Host of Accentuate The Positive Media, Author of Return to Love & Awakened by Death, and Creator of The Awakening Soul Series, who Activates, Accelerates, Acclimates and Accentuates the New World Teachers. Supporting the Light-Weavers and Difference Makers bringing in a new dawn of reality during these times of transition. A soul aspect of KAren Swain sits on the Galactic Federation of Worlds Council, overseeing the Light-Weavers, Indigos, Hybrids, StarSeeds, people she calls the New World Teachers, who are here on earth to effect the transformation and realignment of the collective frequency’s of this world to a new vibrational experience for it’s inhabitance. KAren helps people remember their spiritual purpose, reminding souls how to acclimate to this worlds dense vibrational environment, while maintaining a loving stance and connection to source. With her Arcturian aspects, KAren teaches people how to master the human mind, work with ego, transmute limiting collective belief patterns, to allow more of our true nature of love to permeate our thinking, as we move into a more enlightened, sensitive, telepathic, galactic society.

Dr. Richard Horowitz

Achieving a Healthier Body, Mind and Spirit in the 21st Century

Hildegard Gmeiner

Self Discovery and Self Actualization

Recorded Zoom Interview
Hildegard will be speaking about the self-discovery and self-actualization process she had to go through herself, and now is ready to facilitate in others. She will show you how, each and everyone of us already creates our very own, unique universe on a day-to-day basis. Once we understand how the implicit and explicit universes are intertwined and recognize, how to tune ourselves into the vibration of a specific, desired outcome, we can go from struggle to ease. Understanding more about our inner programs and how to transform those, which sabotage our success, will ultimately let our soul sing. Aware of our unique innate abilities and gifts and courageously trusting and employing them, enables us to fulfill our dreams, while simultaneously contributing our part toward the collective evolution of humankind. "As Human beings, we are powerful creator beings, who, however, have not yet fully awoken, nor activated nor expressed our fullest soul potential. I will also briefly speak about what intuitive consulting is and my ability to receive visual images clairvoyantly, which might be meaningless to me, yet are usually helpful to the person I am speaking with. I love to facilitate the self-discovery and self-actualization process. It is my Earth Mission to assist all those interested in finding out 'what makes them really tick' to become aware of their inner subconscious and mental conditioning and how to reprogram self-sabotaging patternings and override them with those, which lead to healing, self-appreciation, and self-actualization." - Hildegard Gmeiner

Marina Seren

Waking up to Psychic Awareness

In the year 2015, when I was 15 years old, the wake-up call encoded in my DNA activated and I started my path of spiritual awakening and the recovery of my memories. I started to receive intense downloads on the structure of consciousness and existence and information about what is really going on on Earth, what is the real history of mankind, and what is my mission here. At that time I observed my Starseed/hybrid nature as well as the indigo/crystal energy of my aura. I started to experience strongly the awakening of my psychic abilities and ancient knowledge, activated DNA codes placed by other beings, remembered my hybrid genetic implants and my role in the First Contact event. I was starting to be visited by ET/ED entities, guides, counterparts, and star families. I would meet them in the dream time, I would travel to their planet, I would recall some of my ET and Earth past lives, I would be taught in spacecraft schools about psychic abilities and metaphysics, as well as spiritual guidance. I would also start to experience consciously my contribution to the Hybrid Programs, after an intense sexual encounter with my Pleiadian counterpart and after meeting my alien-hybrid children on ships. Parallelly, my experience with the military and other kinds of dark entities would also start, even though it wasn't the first time in my life for both. I experienced military harassment, gangstalking, and covert abductions (MILAB) and battled a spiritual fight until my liberation, which would come with my dark night of the soul, and the awakening of my consciousness. I would also recall my experiences in the Secret Space Program and my Super Soldier training, as well as the Trauma-based Mind Control that I was put under, for the goal of eventually using me as their asset after months of psychic training and programming. I am currently working on many projects, many of educational nature, in which I teach about my spiritual wisdom and metaphysical knowledge, my ET downloads, my information about the preparation for the future First Contact, and my Higher Mind's guidance that I bring through my conscious channeling abilities. Another of my goals is to be of help in the agenda of Disclosure, sharing both about my ET encounters/abductions, and my experiences with the military and other negative ET and human groups. On the other hand, I also dedicate myself to the field of arts, especially graphic arts and music, which of course includes channeled energies from the higher dimensions that I perceive. Some of my information has been already shared in big UFO/Spiritual conferences such as in the Conscious Life Expo of 2020, and the Contact In the Dessert, both in the presentations of the recognized UFO/ET Contact researcher, writer/producer Mary Rodwell (the Alien Lady) about the New Human, star children, and hybrids.

Anthony Russell

Psychic and Medium

Yvonne Perry

Light Language

Yvonne Perry is a Nashville, Tennessee, based minister, author, healing sound therapist, light language workshop facilitator, and galactic practitioner of light codes. Her shamanic methods help people retrieve and reintegrate multidimensional soul aspects. She does this through her books, light language sessions, seminars, coaching, and other spiritual services. ​ A graduate of American Institute of Holistic Theology, Yvonne holds a Bachelor of Science in Metaphysics. During her five-year involvement with Toastmasters International, Yvonne earned the recognition of Distinguished Toastmaster Award for her exemplary speaking skills. She attained every level of accomplishment the organization offered as well as many awards in speaking competitions. ​ She is a licensed minister through Universal Life Church. As a light language activator and galactic shaman, she offers coaching to empaths (highly sensitive people), walk-ins, star seeds, and those who are dealing with ascension symptoms. ​ Yvonne’s books include Light Language Emerging, Walk-ins Among Us, Whose Stuff is This, Shifting into Purer Consciousness, More Than Meets the Eye, and The Sid Series, which is a collection of holistic stories for children. ​ Yvonne became a walk-in on December 3, 1999. She has had multiple soul experiences including a soul exchange and a soul infusion with her higher self. She brought in the gift of light language in 1994. ​ She believes that our souls are an accumulation of each and every one of our life experiences. We originate with Source Energy but have many, many lifetimes on this and other planets. Yvonne believes that since she holds a piece of each place that she has visited or lived, that she is an accumulation of them all. But she does resonate with the Pleiades and Arcturian origins. Her mission is to be a light bringer and way shower. She says that we are here to help each other to wake up to the truth of who we are, to heal ourselves and the planet. Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 12.37.22 PM.png

Marianna Leah Hernandez

Chanelling of Mary Magdalene

Join Marianna Leah Hernandez, one of the world's most highly regarded and respected channels of the energy and wisdom of Mary Magdalene for a magical evening on this, The Feast Day of Mary Magdalene. The Feast of St. Mary Magdalene is considered one of the most mystical of feasts, and it is said that of all the songs of the saints, that of Mary Magdalene is the sweetest and strongest because her love was so great. Marianna has traveled to Israel and the Middle East as part of her spiritual quest and participated in numerous international workshops on the sacred role of Mary Magdelene in the world today. Magdalene energy is healing, particularly for these troubling times. Mary Magdalene has an important message to impart for humanity at this time. About Marianna Hernandez: Marianna Leah Hernandez is known as the “Oracle of Union Square.” Hernandez is a natural medium and psychic who developed a following in Union Square Park in NYC after she began giving readings, psychic advice, and “communicating with departed loved ones,” for residents in the area. She is also a practicing Soul Retrieval Specialist and Quantum Vector Healer, helping people from all walks of life to unlock their greatest potential. At a time when fear is rampant and uncertainty is at its highest, Hernandez strives to become a vessel of strength and vigor, soundboard, and platform for people to unveil their limitless ability to live the life they could only dream of. She teaches people how to draw strength from within and "real-eyes" their own power and their own ability to shift any area of their lives and make their dreams made manifest. To assist someone in understanding what makes them tick is one of the most leading steps in creating a highly advanced and successful future for any individual. Hernandez says that her psychic abilities came to the forefront after she survived a serious car accident when she was six years old, in her birthplace of the city of Kyiv, Ukraine. The trauma caused what she calls the “Butterfly Effect” – she says that she thought she was going to die, but her brain “never caught up to the fact that I was still alive.” The result was lots of spirit activity. “I started to feel the energy of people, their thoughts, and the presence of spirits,” she says. Hernandez and her family eventually moved to New York City when she was nine years old; her entire family was exposed to high levels of radiation during the Chernobyl nuclear reactor meltdown. Hernandez’s radiation level was so high, she was nicknamed the “radioactive kid.” The radiation caused her immense pain and physical problems. Hernandez says that she initially tried to ignore her psychic abilities; however, in 2017 she began embracing her spiritual calling. She is convinced that her own physical suffering has enhanced her psychic abilities and created empathy with the dead. “Spirits will come to me or even attach to me, particularly during a reading,” she says. “They often come with messages for their loved ones – even sometimes when I don’t want them to.” Hernandez reads both Tarot and Oracle cards. But she says that she doesn’t need the cards to do a reading. She connects to a client’s aura and gets a “download” from her spirits on the spot. “I don’t need to know what their question is – I get the messages that they need to receive,” she says. Hernandez now has clients around the world, including Africa and the Middle East. She travels internationally on sacred journeys to conduct “earth grid” and “timeline healings.” Most recently she was in Israel and connected with the Mary Magdalene lineage, becoming a channel for this lineage. “In my readings, I don’t sugar coat anything – it is the bare truth,” she says. “The information is coming from the spirits and deities I work with – After ALL... I AM JUST A MESSENGER."

Phil Gruber, Geraldine Orozco, Johnny Mirehiel & Kristin Ragusin

Human Hybridization Programs
The Harmonic Concordance(s) of 2003/2022
Manifesting Heaven on Earth
The End of Scarcity
What do these have in common?

Rachael Burns

Share story and lessons learnt. Share info about Light Language and Light Codes. Deliver Dragon Light Language Transmission.

Recorded Zoom Interview
As a very young child, Rachael channelled Light Language and dropped spontaneously into a trance-like state. Seeing energy and vibrations, having awareness of Star Beings and beings from different realms and seeing light and dark energies was a part of every day life. For much of Rachael's life she felt like she didn’t fit into a normal human life and struggled to be part of this physical world. Rachael's first conscious awakening was at 26, after the sudden death of her mother. It was at this time her energy centres opened further to receive information. Encountering a great deal of childhood trauma, she blocked out many of these traumatic memories until the age of 34, when she encountered a deep and spontaneous re-membering. Again at 38, more deeply buried memories of abuse surfaced. Pandora’s Box had been opened, and so began the re-claiming of her true self and the re-connection to her wisdom and ultimate inner knowing and truth; remembering we are all pure God consciousness in physical form, that all of our experiences are chosen, and that the people who have volunteered to play the villains in our lives are actually our greatest teachers and greatest loves. Now realising part of her lesson here was to learn how to transmute profound trauma and low, dense frequencies personally and collectively, Rachael identifies as a Star Seed, and amongst other things, supports and teaches others through the creation of her metaphysical academy D.A.A.M.A Divine Awakenings Academy of the Mystic Arts and through her work with children in Mini Meditation Australia.

Campbell Foster

'Energy Circle Soundbath' with Campbell D. Foster

In this presentation and Soundbath for the WISH Alliance meeting online, we explore the power and depth of Sound, meditation, and group intention. We will use Sound Therapy by Campbell D. Foster, to explore the infinite worlds within us through meditation and a deep soundbath for self-healing and attunement to the divine experience. Then in that powerful state, we use a guided 'Group Intention Meditation' to transform ourselves and the world around us into the coming golden age of all human kind. About Your Soundbath performer and Energy Guide Campbell D. Foster Canadian Sonological Researcher Campbell Foster is a sound therapist and researcher, composer, performer, Interactive Health Coach, Sound, Light & PEMF Therapist, interactive systems designer, PYRAMIDION Life Energy Pyramids founder, educator and inventor of the Electro-acoustic Sheet Metal Feedback Phone, and CREATION SPIRIT MACHINE cymatic interactive instruments and exhibits. After a life crash and devastation 20 years ago, Campbell rebuilt his life and health to profound levels. Revising his life and music career into health, he studied Sound Therapy, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Color therapy, PEMF therapy, developed two sound therapy instruments, a new method of sound synthesis, worked on the AmpCoil PEMF device, achieved accreditation as an Integrative Health Coach, and Practitioner of Humanitarian Medicine. Campbell started a company and practice ‘PYRAMIDION Life Energy Pyramids’ to raise the consciousness and health of people based on the original Law of One (RA) directives. He produces colloidal Silver, Electrum, Pyramid and Sound Meditation events and sessions for a close group of seekers. Campbell discovered methods to deliver PEMF and sound therapies over the internet using Sonification and light. The PEMF ‘Brain Reboot’ entrainment can eliminate and highlight a lot of negative mental programming which doesn’t fit the ideal you. In these dire times, there is more urgency and need than ever before to deliver and unite people seeking health, ascension, and their highest development; a life of peace, health, harmony, and joy. Contacts and Links: • Contact the researcher on this site: • PYRAMIDION Life Energy Pyramids on facebook: • Sonological Research Site RS7: • Youtube Channel of Peace 4 man: • Colloidal Silver, ELECTRUM in the Pyramidion EmporiumShop: • Download tonights soundscape performance on Campbell Fosters Bandcamp page, in 24 hours at URL: http://

Rose Saroyan

Presentation Description - three to four sentences: KarmicDNA is a knowledge system that maps out our ‘Life Purpose’ like no other, providing a blueprint; a ‘to do’ list for our inner purpose and life force. KarmicDNA is each individual’s unique operating system that identifies the natural talents, gifts and personal challenges with which we are born.

To stay healthy, to find clarity when on a cross-road, to understand and resolve past events, to achieve success in business, to have ultimate relationships, and to learn how to perceive and work through causes of stress and dis-ease, KarmicDNA explores each individual’s unique abilities, providing positive solutions that are aligned with the Soul’s Life Agenda.