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Heather Grace Powers

Heather Grace Powers is a devoted wife and mother, a musical mystic, international best selling author and teacher. Heather’s music has often been called “medicine music”. A student of the sacred teachings and philosophy from across the East and West, Heather’s voice and songs are golden threads of sound arcing listeners between the seen and unseen realms, back to the heart. Heather and her Beloved husband, Jason are the co-founders of “The Powers of Love.”

Together, Heather and Jason design and produce intuitively guided, life changing, event experiences around the world that inspire, elevate, and activate hearts. These dynamic event experiences bring together music, art, written and spoken word and transformational soul and love coaching. Their mission is to liberate and embody the alchemy of divine love as individuals and in intimate partnership.”

Heather singing Butterfly live:

Heather Grace Powers
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