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By Kiara Windrider

January 1, 2012


For many in the alternative community, prophecies related to the year 2012 have become a cauldron of unending speculation. It seems to me that a lot of people have looked to this time with equal measure of yearning and dread, excitement and fear. There is no single scenario for what ‘2012’ really means, or if it means anything at all. How do we go about sifting truth from fiction, and prepare for whatever changes may come ahead without falling into the twin traps of gullibility and cynicism?


Whatever else we may think about the 2012 debate, it is clear to me that we are at a tipping point in human history. Our relationship with our fragile planetary ecosystem is rapidly becoming unsustainable.  A third of all species on the planet have already been driven to extinction during the past hundred years, and the question inevitably arises whether the human species might possibly be next. From an ecological perspective, the future for humanity and the Earth looks uncompromisingly grim.


In contrast to this, many of the scenarios pertaining to 2012 represent a last great hope for humanity, a hope that some great cosmic event, extraterrestrial intervention, or mysterious shift in consciousness would suddenly whisk us out of the social and environmental cesspools we have so foolishly created into a golden age of enlightenment, ecological sustainability and peace.  Most of us would certainly like to believe that this is possible. But is this merely wishful thinking, or is there some realistic basis for these great hopes, an actual mechanism that could generate this profound shift into a more unitive consciousness?


As it turns out, I do feel we are on the cusp of an evolutionary transformation, and I do believe there is a specific mechanism driving this process, which I will attempt to describe here. I would caution, however, against trying to pin it down to specific dates in linear time.


The following scenario is based on current scientific research, ancient prophecies, and mystical insights into the nature of reality.  I would like to propose two axioms to help provide a context for our journey. The first axiom, as mystics in every age have affirmed, is that there is an intelligent unifying force which has shaped our evolutionary journey throughout the ages, an intelligence that is not separate from who we are. The second axiom is that there are distinct and predictable cycles within this evolutionary process, comprised of long periods of gradual change followed by sudden quantum leaps – and that we are currently at the cusp of a rather dramatic quantum leap.


Quantum leaps are central to understanding how our universe functions. As astrophysicist Paul LaViolette proposes in his ‘theory of continuous creation’, the universe did not come into being in a ‘big bang’ of primal creation, but continues to generate new energy, matter, and potential within the centers of galaxies in periodic bursts of intense activity.


These periodic bursts can be perceived as a kind of galactic heartbeat, comprised of high-energy cosmic and gamma rays, which then pulse out in concentric waves of creation throughout each galaxy. In our own galaxy there is evidence to show that these ‘galactic superwaves’ pass through our solar system in cycles of once every 10 to 14 thousand years.


As these galactic superwaves pass through our solar system they initiate corresponding cycles of solar activity. Scientists tell us that we are now experiencing a peak in the solar cycle, which could generate the strongest solar flares and coronal mass ejections in the past 12,000 years.


This long-term cycle of solar activity is directly related to the magnetic field of the earth. Gradual increases in solar activity over the past 12,000 years have coincided with a corresponding decline in the earth’s magnetic field, accompanied by fluctuations in the north and south magnetic axis.  These fluctuations have been getting exponentially stronger in the past few decades, and scientists tell us that we may be very close to a time, as happens periodically, when the polarity of the earth’s magnetic field could suddenly collapse and reverse itself.


All life on Earth is directly linked through these magnetic fields. Changes in the magnetic fields reflect as changes within our physical bodies, as well as changes in our emotional, mental, and spiritual states of consciousness. As fluctuations within the earth’s magnetic field get stronger these have been reflecting as extreme shifts and changes within our experience of reality, with the corresponding breakdown of old systems and structures of identity.


Scientists tell us, based on readings of glacial ice cores, that the actual reversal of magnetic polarity tends to happen quite suddenly, and very quickly, usually in the space of a few hours or days. Once the fluctuations reach a critical mass there is a sudden collapse and then reversal of the magnetic axis of the earth.


From a slightly different perspective, many indigenous prophecies around the world also speak of a time of great purification and change, a time of shift into a new age of expanded consciousness.


Don Alejandro Cirillo is a Mayan priest, head of the Mayan Council of Elders, living in the Guatemalan highlands. During a recent visit with him, he shared with our group that in his lineage there have been thirteen prophecies regarding this shift of the ages. The thirteenth and final prophecy has to do with three days of darkness. When you find yourself going through these ‘three days’, he emphasized, know that the time of transition is at hand. It is not a time to go into fear but to celebrate. Referring to it as year zero, he said this is the time we have long awaited, a time that will initiate an era of peace and harmony with the forces of the earth and with galactic consciousness.


We noted that he did not say much about specific dates for this event. Like any birthing, nature has her own cycles, which may be different from any ‘due date’ we care to impose on the process. “But we do know that the time is soon,” emphasized Don Cirillo, “and that the collapsing of old identities is an integral part of the birthing process.”


Meanwhile, the Hindu calendar system refers to four stages that we pass through in our journey across the galactic planes, starting with an age of light, and spiraling down through periods of ever-increasing darkness. What is interesting here is that although the descent from light into darkness is a gradual process, the return from darkness to light happens rather suddenly and dramatically.


I believe that many ancient prophecies that predict events in the future are based on an understanding of natural cycles and memories of the past. Could it be that these days of darkness, or dawning of new light, is referring to the same phenomenon as the magnetic polar reversal, and holds the key to a deeper understanding of the evolutionary transformation at hand?


Our perceptions of reality are linked with the way our nervous systems are wired into subtler bodies of existence, which are biologically linked with our genetic codes. During the time of the magnetic reversal, there is a temporary collapse of the earth’s magnetic shields, which allows enormous quantities of cosmic radiation to enter the earth’s atmosphere.


This radiation would normally be highly detrimental to physical survival. However, during these days of darkness, it is likely that we will enter into a dreamlike state in which our emotional, mental and physical bodies would be allowed to undergo a profound re-orientation of identity and consciousness. Much like a caterpillar going through its cocooning, the increase of cosmic radiation would initiate a mutational process in which we would find ourselves metamorphing into a new species of humanity, which some refer to as homo luminous, or the divine human. Indeed, this mutational process is not limited to humans, and biologists are beginning to understand now that the earth is a single interpenetrating web of life, and that cycles of magnetic reversal in the past have been directly associated with massive evolutionary leaps and mutations throughout the planet.


This magnetic reversal is the mechanism driving the transformation of consciousness within the earth and solar system today. I postulated earlier that there is an underlying intelligence unfolding within this evolutionary process, and that we are not separate from it. This realization has profound implications for our journey through year zero. Are we passive observers, victims of what could easily be perceived as a fearful chain of events, or can we consciously shape events according to our highest visions of truth? Existing as we do both within and beyond creation, perhaps we are given the power to walk between the worlds, co-creating new dimensions of reality beyond anything we can currently imagine

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