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Artisans express the beauty of the soul

Moments of time immortalized captured and created with the ingenious eye 

Never Wear a Dead Man's Shoes

The Shoes is a comical presentation what it is like to experience a Jumper Walk-in.  

Alan Steinfeld

Starseed R/Evolution

Starseed Evolution:  The Awakening 

Dr. Richard Horowitz


Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 3.04.14 PM.png

Neil  Gaur

Miguel Mendonca

Miguel Mendonça [pronounced Mendonsa] has a background in forestry and horticulture, journalism, geography and history, social science and environment. He worked internationally as a researcher, writer and campaigner on renewable energy, before becoming an independent researcher. He then published books on a range of themes, including ETs, hybrids, disclosure, the social history of the UFO topic, wisdom, and art and creativity. He now makes music full time as sokamiru, and has just released his debut album, titled On Out Into.

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