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Jane Elworthy

International sound healer, shamanic practitioner, master frame drummer and channel of the Hathor and Pleaidian energies, Jane’s mission is to help humans remember their true divine nature through the healing power of rhythm, sound and sacred story.

After a deeply traumatic childhood and later on a profound awakening experience, Jane was called back to the ancient women’s instrument the frame drum, and has been a master drum maker and rhythm consciousness teacher for over 30 years.

Through her work with sound and what many say is a remarkable voice, she brings through languages of light from the divine realms, and inspires and enlivens many through her work with the rhythmbody and sacred voice.

In Australia Jane leads outback retreats to connect with the Dragon energies, and in southern France she co-facilitates Awakening the Divine Heart, a powerful women's retreat to re-connect with the sacred energies of the Magdalene.
Jane is based in Sydney and Broken Hill Australia, and works deeply with the land to activate the light codes along specific ley lines.

Jane Elworthy
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