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Kaliana & Rama

Kaliana and Rama are Spiritual teachers and are both Mentors of the Divine University, teaching nationally and internationally. We are a twin flame couple … loving, healing, and evolving together since 1987. We are both are highly experienced facilitators, sourcing from the heart of compassion, combining the depth of our experience to embody and transmit practical and sacred relationship wisdom.

Together with the Family of Light, we create a loving heartfelt portal, a sacred temple, a place of safety where you are held and filled with the frequency of loving compassion, Divine Love and you are gifted sacred dispensations to support the ignition of your inner union.

In this two-hour webinar, we will share about our work and current projects, some of our history as parents, step-parents and grandparents and our weaving of the sacred into everyday family life.

We will offer a sacred ceremony drawing on the support of the Twin Flame Alliance, with assistance from the Magdalene and Yeshua template of Sacred Union, to bless your inner and outer union of the Masculine and Feminine.

Kaliana & Rama
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