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Teah Akrish

Teah Akrish is self-described as a regular person. With good intentions, she began her young adult life in the alternative healing industry, studying Chinese Herbal Medicine. Teah fell in love with Chinese Herbal Medicine when she started to get a plethora of strange health problems in her late teens that doctors could do nothing about. Chinese Herbs healed her and she found relief in the natural perspective of life. Having found a new passion, in 2000, she started her business, Heaven & Earth Chinese Medicine Healing Center, with her husband and co-founder, David.

Over the next twenty years, she continued along her journey towards inner health and peace ever since. Having many successes, but in the end, Teah always hit dead ends. Around the time of age 35, she was really hitting the wall. Despite her efforts to gain control of her emotions, she was always irate. She started to branch out to try and learn why, despite the continual clearing of negative patterns, they would always recur. Turning inward into ideas of meditation and beyond, she found a video on regarding the attainment of emotional balance. To get the most out of the $1 subscription trial to, she started to watch some of the other programs. She fell upon Cosmic Disclosure, which discussed the “Secret Space Program”. The ideas within the program caused Teah a lot of strife. “How could the Government and other Corporations do such things?”, she wondered.

Through Cosmic Disclosure, she learned that the Government has a great capacity to manipulate the mind and memory. Upon pondering whether or not the SSP was true, she had a lighting bolt hit her, when she realized that she had an experience and memory that was both “there” and “not there” at the same time, at the young age of eight. Throughout her life, it always seemed to her that her mind was playing tricks with her. The memory was of this strange experience of a solider in a grey uniform running on a wall over several children who were lined up against it, during recess at Helen Keller Elementary in Kirkland, WA. Teah had experienced this event, she was sure, but it was so elusive and confusing; she could never remember it. In fact, the event seemed to hide from her, appearing to her conscious mind in several different ways, in both childhood and adulthood, just before it would disappear back into the dark abyss.

If this event was real and not just her imagination, then she figured, there would be more. When she began to probe her mind starting from this specific event, she could recall the entire experience of why the soldier showed his mojo, and then started having other memories of being used during school to talk to extra-terrestrials, among them an eel man and a “grey” who worked for/with the United States government. That was back in 2016. Since, she has began her journey of learning to probe her own mind, to try and piece this huge puzzle together.

Teah has been remembering her entire life these abductions through dreams, all the while being in denial as to their reality, believing they were wild imaginations. When Teah was finally able to put the puzzle pieces together regarding the true nature of her life, she has been engaging in a process she calls active remembering, where she seeks to deliberately triggering herself, as well as aggressively improve her health to help heal her body and mind to encourage recall. Upon remembering a segment, she then courageous explores her memories through meditation, journaling, drawing, discussion and more. Thanks to Teah’s spiritual gifts of clairvoyance (seeing/visions), claircognizance (knowing), clairsentience (feeling) and clairaudience (hearing), her memories continue to open up more and more every day as she is guided along the path of truth and healing.
Teah has discovered that she was part of the childhood MILAB experiments (Military Abductee), used in many programs within the ever broad “Secret Space Program”.

She has been able to uncover:

-A skeletal history of how the Secret Space Program was started
-Early esoteric technologies, including blood substitutes, super-human drugs, mind-manipulation drugs
(including both psychic drugs and memory erasure drugs), electrogravitics, chemical DNA manipulation,
invisibility, portaling and time travel.
-Super advanced technologies, including “doll” technology, where a person can be used to receive
downloads for short-term use, “alters” which are a sub-set of your personality matrix, light-box DNA
changing/atom DNA arranging, clones & duplicates, advanced timeline manipulation, Ancient Builder Race
-Extra-terrestrials, including humans who have broken away from Earth and started a new civilization, known
as the “Breakaway” civilization (among other names).
-The covert war that is occurring, presently, and over at least the last 100 years in terms of the United States
government being aware, and even more broadly, over at least the last half-million years.

Teah is a regular person, who has spent her life healing and building her business as an herbalist. Through Heaven & Earth CMHC, she helps her clients drastically improve their health through the incredible means of Chinese Herbal Medicine, with her business partner, best friend and husband of 19 years, David.
She has a 6-year-old American Pitbull terrier “dog-ter” named Leia. She is creatively inclined, classically trained in the viola, also plays bass guitar and dabbles in singing, 6-string guitar and piano. She is also a martial artist—having trained in several systems of combat self-defense. She also loves to go shooting handguns, rifles, as well as the bow and arrow.
Thus far, Teah has remembered three main veins of service/servitude:
As a member of the Space Nazi/Luciferian/Draco/Breakaway Civilization, where she served in the military
American asset that was traded and served in the Space Nazi/Luciferian/Draco/Breakaway Civilization military. This happened on two specific occasions that she has thus far remembered.
American space military
Spliced into the breakaway as a normal citizen, which she believes every person on Earth is experiencing.
Within all of these three main veins, Teah has served in JUST ABOUT ALL of the following roles:
Telepath/empath, mostly for communicating with Aliens, including as an interrogator and negotiator
High technology inter-facer/activator
Super soldier
Super spy
More specific to the Space Nazi lines:
Doll (including sex doll, spy doll, intuitive doll)
High-level bodyguard/secret service for the Space Nazi royalty
Dealer (timeline manipulation)
and more

The day that Teah put all of the puzzle pieces together of her involvement in the Secret Space Program, it was a rude revelation. She was grateful to finally understand herself, yet the memories have been a very heavy burden to carry that she seeks to unload. Now, she has changed into a new person with a new mission, that of disclosure of the reality of Earth, our perpetual slave status and the covert war. She seeks to be the stickiest, ugliest, greasiest turd in the enemies’ blood-laden punch bowl.

Committed to disclosure she has:
She has started her own vlog, with her husband David, of disclosure discourse on YouTube
Spoken on topics related to Mars, the Moon, and Titan, intuition, technology specific to memory erasing, invisibility, time travel/arc of the covenant, government infiltration and much more, with even more to come.
Writing two books:
Space Nazi’s Among Us: The Invisible Enemy Elephant, which is a series of short stories, based on her real experiences. She hopes to publish it this year in 2021. She also is working on a novel where she begins the book with her service in the American space military on Mars.
She actively draws her memories and is sharing them online, especially through Ko-Fi.
Been interviewed and will continue to make herself available to whomever is interested in hearing her story. She also hopes to offer helpful insights into this aspect of human-life-consciousness to help HEAL the world and break free from this “Abusive-Father” archetype.
Launched a Ko-Fi (Patreon type platform), where she develops content promoting Full Disclosure.

For the future:
Teah hopes to write pop music, in the not-too-distant future.
Has dreams of uniting SSP vets, in helping them to heal and remember, which she hopes will become a future project.

YouTube Channel Vlog Link:
Teah’s personal blog website:
Her business:
Husband David’s martial art website:

Teah Akrish
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