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गुरु, 23 मार्च


Online Event

Asil Toksal

Aligning for Ascension with Unconditional Support from Celestial Beings

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Asil Toksal
Asil Toksal

समय और स्थान

23 मार्च 2023, 7:00 pm

Online Event

इवेंट के बारे में

The awakening process brings changes and challenges for individuals and humanity, yet we can receive support from higher consciousness celestial beings -- in the form of energy and alignments to help us become pillars of light - humans who are able to hold a strong inner alignment as Earth's energies rise and bring increasing polarity. Asil will share about how the guides he works with, Elohim and Emmanuel, are helping to prepare humanity for the ascension process. He will also share about Foundations, the donation-based energetic and spiritual training course that he channels and how it delivers unconditional support from these celestial beings to empower a transformation of consciousness within each individual, in a collective container of hundreds of people on the awakening path:

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