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सोम, 05 सित॰


Online Event

Chiraya Dharma

In this presentation, you'll discover how deep the power of forgiveness can be to heal your life, relationships, situations and realign yourself on your spiritual path of awakening. Chiraya Dharma will share what she means by multi-dimensional forgiveness and how it can be applied to any challenging

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Chiraya Dharma
Chiraya Dharma

समय और स्थान

05 सित॰ 2022, 7:00 pm

Online Event

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With more than 30 years of experience as a multi-dimensional spiritual healer, Chiraya Dharma is an author, coach and wisdom keeper who shares the Codes of Union for this age of awakening through her books, energetic healing experiences, coaching, weekly Divine Love Wisdom Transmissions, and courses. Chiraya Dharma helps us re-envision our world, our businesses, and our lives through the Recalibrations Process. This process empowers people to attune to Source, align with their divine purpose, dissolve the barriers in the way, and design a new way of life based on harmony, love and prosperity for all. 

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