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Jimmy Cutie

Jimmy always felt different growing up, and it didn’t help when strangers would often ask the introvert if he was serious, when telling them his last name was Cutie. Empathic and artistic, he delved into numerous esoteric subjects as a teenager, seeking his own truth; and by twenty-four, the galactic family decided it was a 'good idea' to proceed with contact. Although unwittingly initiated by Jimmy, he would soon see just how Sirius he is, and learn to cope with the profound nature of his expanded self, occasionally laughing at the cosmic joke of it all—setup by us and our extended relatives.

Join us for a cosmic dramedy of awakening, falling asleep, and reawakening again within the unfolding mystery.

Jimmy Cutie is an experiencer who has worked in the entertainment business for years, wearing many hats mostly behind the scenes. Creative and empathic, he is currently writing and developing stories and content inspired by his multidimensional and contact experiences.

He knows how hard it is sometimes to walk between the worlds, and hopes his stories rekindle peoples’ inner fire and remind them that we’re never alone, as experiencers and humans alike.

Jimmy Cutie
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