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KAren Swain

As bringers of the light here to create, enlighten, teach and remind humanity of their powers of manifestation, creation, focus and thought, we are being asked to align our own energy field with more love, more grace, more freedom and light, so we can empower and support the awakening masses. Over the past couple of months, we have been asked to rest, rejuvenate, realign and allow our energy and physical systems to recalibrate to a new way of living in this world.

KAren will speak about how to deal with this, manifestations of beliefs, thoughts and focus, and how to stay in your light lane, and not get swept away with the mainstream narratives of fear and disempowerment.

KAren Swain is a Teacher of Deliberate Creation, Spiritual Mentor, Inspirational Educator/Speaker, Host of Accentuate The Positive Media, Author of Return to Love & Awakened by Death, and Creator of The Awakening Soul Series, who Activates, Accelerates, Acclimates and Accentuates the New World Teachers. Supporting the Light-Weavers and Difference Makers bringing in a new dawn of reality during these times of transition.

A soul aspect of KAren Swain sits on the Galactic Federation of Worlds Council, overseeing the Light-Weavers, Indigos, Hybrids, StarSeeds, people she calls the New World Teachers, who are here on earth to effect the transformation and realignment of the collective frequency’s of this world to a new vibrational experience for it’s inhabitance. KAren helps people remember their spiritual purpose, reminding souls how to acclimate to this worlds dense vibrational environment, while maintaining a loving stance and connection to source. With her Arcturian aspects, KAren teaches people how to master the human mind, work with ego, transmute limiting collective belief patterns, to allow more of our true nature of love to permeate our thinking, as we move into a more enlightened, sensitive, telepathic, galactic society.

KAren Swain
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