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Rosalind Horowitz

Rosalind Beth Horowitz aka Cosmic Utopian Rose~*⚘

Higher Source/Self Channel, 
(3x NDE)(OBE) Envisionary, 
I come from a Lineage of Seers and Healers... I'm also an E.T. Contactee, Life Long experiencer, Interplanetary time traveler,  Bringing in Cosmic, Galactic, Celestial, Central Sun, Elemental & Inner Earth Photographic Transmissions, Messages Activations, Upgrades and Heart Coherence!
Here to connect us to Our Cosmic Families through Higher Consciousness & Self Awareness!
And Indeed, as a Facilitating, Contributor to Cosmic Disclosure! 
We're Not Alone & We are Loved, Dearly...

Divine Creator Source Works through Me...
IAM A Sovereign, Cosmic, Celestial, Multidimensional, Galactic Star Being, 
Higher Self Channel/Conduit /INtuit 
Receiver/Recorder and Keeper of, Cosmic/Celestial & Galactic Akashic Files Library of Photographic Transmissions through my Visual Transference Abilities...
Serving the Cosmic Community, as an Ambassador/Representative... For Our Extended Cosmic Families, Galactic Communities others as the Extension of Our Collective Consciousness! Bridging the Gap for Cosmic Disclosure and Connecting Us All with Our Expansive, Extended Cosmic, Galactic, Interdimentional Family, As We Are All, the Infinite Expressions of the Whole Unified Life-force and Field of GOD-SOURCE Consciousness!... Email:

Rosalind Horowitz
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