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Jacquelin Smith

Jacquelin Smith

Jacquelin is known internationally as a leader in the field of telepathic communication with animals. She has been offering her services professionally as an animal communicator since 1979. Jacquelin has done thousands of consultations with people worldwide about their animal companions. She has always been psychic and enjoys sharing her talents and skills with others in a way that empowers animal and/or person. Jacquelin has been communicating telepathically with animals, Star Beings, light beings, angels, and nature spirits since early childhood.

If you’d like to know what your animal friend is thinking and feeling or why they’re experiencing misbehaviors and physical issues a consult can help. Jacquelin combines telepathic communication with traditional and holistic methods and offers practical ways to help resolve a wide variety of issues. This includes behavioral, emotional, physical, spiritual issues, as well as tracking lost animals, soul recovery, messages from an animal who has transitioned, and more.

Animals desire to be heard. They are even more joyful when they know we want this deeper connection with them.

Her skills and techniques include: Bach Flower Remedies, Soul Recovery, Tellington TTouch, Long Distance Healing, Repatterning, Chakra/Aura Balancing, Interdimensional Guidance with animals and humans, and Star Origin Readings. Click on Consultations to read more about the services Jacquelin offers in regard to your animals.

Also, check out Jacquelin’s books, Animal Communication – Our Sacred Connection and Star Origins and Wisdom of Animals. She also has audio downloads, DVDs, Workshops, as well as Apprenticeship Programs. Also check out her YouTube videos: How Animals and People Can Communicate Telepathically and Species Connection.

Ai May Yah - a dolphin story -- Cover Art.png



Shy Girl


When I first visited the ship, I was shy.

Ametha and Zazu opened

and held out their hands.


I opened my small hands and placed

one hand in Zazu’s palm,

the other in Ametha’s palm,


and they wrapped 

their long, white fingers around

my hands. I knew I was safe,

immersed in love.


Ametha’s Eyes


When I look into my mother’s eyes,

I swirl into countless 

universes, beyond infinity

where there is only love.


Star Talk


In the silent language of star talk

there’s no senseless chatter,

no meaningless thoughts,


just the joy of communicating

directly from the heart.

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