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Neil Gaur


Isolation... separated in borders across multiple nations
Spread the disease with a viral sneeze hiding behind closed doors
Elder generations... mortality being confronted with eternal damnation
The crucifixion of the one who's religion has come to create our present legislation
Slaves to the wasteland... God's final narration
Can't leave the comfort of my own seat, first world frustration
Systems collapsing those who were dancing economic inflation
Humanity in gestation making way for a day when we bring back elation
Remember the times we used to walk outside before the foundation
Was removed and what we do that ignited our pride
Was taken from out of our side like a thorn that will pry
Open multiple third eyes... give it back through taxation
to live in this playground... the temptation of social interaction
Got me facing the agenda of the masons
Hoard up on food before starvation takes us or until we realize
abundance is our birth right and we can take back our dignity
integrity and ride this quantum wave we signed up to play
blaze through the cosmos and enter the space station
across the other side of the galactic disk... all thoughts while I be pacing
back and forth on my own porch looking and the sun rise and set
To all my relations... ingest water maintain hydration...
DNA strands activation...

another form of manipulation of a single gene...
Locked up inside, expand your consciousness and fly
It's time for quarantine....

By MC Resonance AKA Neil Gaur

the moment draws near
for years we have been purging all fears letting go
of the old energies
making room for the new frequencies
i know we all feel these
on some level
higher multidimensional entities
embracing our galactic families
emissaries of unconditional love
the one vibration that fits all creation like a glove
i know some time this incarnation can seem tough
with masons, illuminating manipulations
facing... tasting wasting our life away
we must remember the lessons and that
we are here to play
we chose to be here today
nothing external to you.. to your god-self you pray
there is only one spec of light
experiencing itself in multiple forms
within our sight... taking us to new heights
so go against the norm... no longer conform
when one transitions there is no reason to mourn
no scorn... take out the thorn
the crystalline children are now being born!
there is no devil waiting for you with horns!
there is only LOVE!!!
the vibration showering us descended straight from densities above!!!!
we must stand up and say enough!
take our power back...
with peace and understanding no reason to attack
and energize fear
as they are reflections of us
time to trust our brothers and sisters
this is all a self imposed test
you got the job put all your concerns to rest
through the darkness the light will firmly nest
into the dimension that is next
the moment is NOW to resurrect the christ consciousness....

live life to the fullest

each day seconds turn in to minutes

time passes by

animals and leaves die

browning by the seasons

growing and planting seeds again

is what all men and women are destined to do

in order to continue the life we choose

the sun shines light and we move

thru the heavens, tunnels and tubes

worm holes, niches and grooves

navigating existence so we can enter the womb

In gestation... I AM elation

exhilaration and patience

creates the balance in this waste land

of nuclear pollution

my observation of creation
is that we are all heading for the same destination millenias of intergalactic wars

can't stop the frequency we are in store

for... so I spit from the core

of my lost fragmented soul

reclaiming pieces I left in this world

the carrot in front of me, the elusive pearl

I remember... I came here before...

just one emcee.. energetically emanating

empathy... connected to the fire within me

where I become pure energy

an allergy towards this world of anarchy

amnesia in this fallacy

anesthesia to numb out the insanity

over stimulation leading to apathy

speak out against status quo, accusations of blasphamy

the gravity of third dimensional reality

eventually causes atrophy, physical and emotional bankruptcy

so I travel the galaxy to release the agnony...

rearrange the anatomy to avoid the catastrophy achieve cosmic morality...

time to embrace the duality is the only analogy

that supercedes all we need... just so that we can let go and breathe....

meditate and levitate

waves of frequencies resonate higher

connected with the provider

source of cosmic energy

we are going to be

one single entity

expansion remedied

oneness must breathe

exhale and let free

consciousness to be

experiences of you and me

souls of interdimensional beings

to feel, hear and see

this third dimensional planetary existence...

all time can be seen in one instance

in this realm of linearity

atoms in anarchy

quantum polarity

consciousness duality

the epitome of creation

ether's imagination

facing our ego

acquiring patience

waiting to let go of our nations

and join the federation of souls

that will take us to the fifth world...

POEM by Neil Gaur, Founder, Portal to Ascension

so are we one yet?

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