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April Cotton Dyck

April Cotton Dyck is a visual artist living on Vancouver Island, BC.  Born in 1962, April grew up in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  She has had ongoing, conscious contact experiences with Et's UFO's and has a wealth of photos to corroborate her experiences.

As a self-taught contemporary artist, her artistic style is uniquely original to her. Her exceptional life experiences shapes her artwork.  Her colourful paintings are a varied selection of abstract, representative and figurative subjects.  She is known for her playfulness with perspective and enjoys trying to provoke a feeling in the viewer.  Her work can be found in private collections in Canada, United States and Britain.

She was born en caul and since the tender age of three has been able to see what other people cannot.  April survived being trapped in a burning house at the age of 7.   From a young age and into her teenage years she was a constant runaway and relies heavily on her highly developed intuitive skills.

Despite her difficult early years, she wrote and illustrated her first book at the age of 9.  She has won multiple awards for her scholastic studies, community service work in the arts, as well as her tireless support of the homeless community.

April enjoys travelling and had a management career in international hotel chains across Canada.  She retired from the workforce due to health challenges with Lyme disease and CFS.  She fills her time with prayer, study, painting and gardening.


April Cotton Dyck
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