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Phil Gruber & Marina Seren

Ascension IS multi-dimensional identity integration. It is the promise and purpose of our creation as Angelic Humans.
We were created to be guardians, custodians of earth's portals and their access to higher dimension Stargates, as well as teachers and healers of races who hold digressive agendas that do not honour the original Emerald Covenant, the co-evolution agreement made between the Breneau Races in seeding our time matrix 950 billion years ago.
Please join Phil Gruber and special guest Marina Seren as we explore much of the hidden/lost history of our race, and in the process, rediscover our true purposes and evolutionary blueprint: in other words, who we really are, where we come from, and why we've chosen to be here at this critical juncture in the never-ending story of our race, and can handle the truth.

Phil Gruber & Marina Seren
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