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Sri Aurobindo and Human Evolution

Kiara Windrider
August 24, 2014

As the article on magnetic reversal and evolutionary leaps implies, galactic superwaves could be the driver of evolutionary cycles. Each galactic pulse has both a physical aspect as well as a spiritual aspect. Although we cannot control events on a physical level, we can certainly co-create alternative realities as we connect with the consciousness of this galactic pulse.


Astrophysicist Paul LaViolette tells us that a major galactic superwave may be on its way. There are physical effects of the galactic heartbeat, focused through the galactic superwave phenomenon. There are also spiritual aspects of this galactic heartbeat, which I would like to consider now, starting with the work of one of the greatest visionaries of the past century, Sri Aurobindo.


Near the beginning of the twentieth century the great Indian freedom fighter and yogi-sage, Sri Aurobindo, began to express a truth that had not been expressed before. In his high states of divine union he saw that the time had come for a new stage in the evolution of mankind. He saw that the divine was to manifest right here on Earth and that the time for this divine emergence into Earth life was now. He spoke of heaven descending to Earth, even as Earth experienced a breakdown due to the intrinsic resistance held within her material body towards this descent.


Sri Aurobindo was joined in Pondicherry, India, by a French mystic, Mirra Alfassa, who later became known as the Mother, or Le Mere. Together they embarked on a journey of intensive cellular and collective transformation that is very relevant to the colossal uncertainties we face today.

Sri Aurobindo saw that the divine force permeates all matter, and that all matter therefore has a force of consciousness. The process of the divine spirit descending down into matter is called involution. The process by which the divine ascends upwards out of matter is called evolution.


According to Sri Aurobindo, humanity has reached a stage where these two events are occurring simultaneously. He foresaw that we would soon experience a descent of what he called supramental consciousness that would entirely change everything on Earth. The term supramental refers to a unified state of being from a level of consciousness that has not yet been experienced on Earth.


Does this supramental descent relate to the evolutionary effects of the next incoming galactic superwave?


“Man’s greatness is not in what he is,” said Sri Aurobindo, “but in what he makes possible. An immortal soul is somewhere within him, even if seldom active in most people, while an eternal spirit overshadows him, even if obstructed from descent by the hard lid of his constructed personality. There is a great divine plan in motion, even if the evidence of the outer senses seems to contradict it.”1


Our evolution is far from complete. As Sri Aurobindo states, “Man is a transitional being; he is not final. The step from man to superman is the most important achievement of Earth’s evolution. It is inevitable because it is at once the intention of the inner spirit and the logic of Nature’s process.”2


Evolution leaped far forward with the origins of Life, and later with the emergence of Mind. According to Sri Aurobindo, we are now at the threshold of another leap, even more momentous, as we prepare for the emergence of the Supermind. He speaks about four stages in human evolution.


The first of these, briefly, is the animal human, which includes most of humanity today – rational beings possessing an individualized soul, but largely obstructed from contacting and merging with it. Our behaviors stem primarily from our instincts. Biological survival, along with the propagation of the species, is the primary goal.


Next is the human human, a species that is spontaneously coming to birth under the influence of an ever-expanding supramental field, a being that is starting to merge and live from soul-consciousness rather than mind-consciousness. Anyone on a quest for deeper meaning and wholeness is probably at this stage of evolution.


The third stage is the divine human, a stage we are collectively moving towards in this time of global transformation. We will still inhabit a material physical body, but will be in possession of the Mind of Light, which is supramental consciousness that has just begun to merge with cellular consciousness.


Finally comes the supramental human, our ultimate goal as a species—divinity incarnated fully within the realms of matter. The unity of matter and spirit is to be fully realized upon Earth. The higher-dimensional light body would be merged into the physical body, and the body itself would be raised in frequency to what Sri Aurobindo referred to as true matter.

This subtle physical substance, this true matter, is at the same time much more concrete than the physical world, more real, more complete, and much more powerful than the physical we are familiar with. It exists independently from physical matter, yet permeates all matter.


Within the field of true matter, penned the Mother in her diaries, the Supramental Force “would progressively be able to express unity in diversity instead of division and limitation, truth instead of falsehood, freedom instead of tyranny, goodwill instead of jealousy, love instead of hatred, and immortality instead of death.”3


We would transcend limitations of time, space, and matter, incarnating all the vast possibilities of our souls. We would travel instantaneously in both space and time. We would shape shift through forms and dimensions as we choose. We would express the love, wisdom and power of the Creator in bodies of Creation.


The great work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother was in bringing supramental consciousness down into the cellular consciousness of their own bodies. The Mother states that the supramental realms were first unified into her cellular body on February 29, 1956. The Dream that is already present in the Supramental worlds was seeded into material consciousness at that time.


Since all matter is vibrationally connected, this meant that the supramental consciousness was simultaneously brought into the morphogenetic fields of the Earth, awaiting the moment when it would flower into full manifestation in the collective field of matter.


From the perspective of science, one effect of an incoming galactic superwave would be the bombardment of our solar system with cosmic dust as the protective magnetic shield around our solar system is breached due to electro-charge from cosmic and gamma ray particles. As a consequence, the Sun would eventually undergo a radical shift in its base harmonic frequency, which would instantly ripple outwards, resulting in an increase in the base harmonic frequency of all matter within our Solar System. Could it be that the true matter that Sri Aurobindo refers to is somehow related to this quantum jump in the frequency of matter, quickening our bodies so we are more receptive to the frequencies of our souls?


In his epic poem, Savitri, Sri Aurobindo points toward what is yet to come:

A few shall see what none yet understand

God shall grow up while the wise men talk and sleep

For man shall not know the coming till its hour

And belief shall be not till the work is done.

The world is preparing for a big change

And the responsibility to bring this about lies with us.

Whether we like it or not:

The frontiers of ignorance shall recede,

More and more souls shall enter into light . . .

Nature shall live to manifest the secrets of God,

Spirit shall take up the human play,

And earthly life become the life divine.

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