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Debbie Garcia


She is known as the g-vibe girl and spends her days studying, practicing and teaching gratitude intelligence skills. Debbie G sparks the g-vibe with everyone she meets. The G-Vibe is our gratitude vibe and this is the space that Debbie loves to most reside and teach others how to reside in as well.

in her own words

“Without your dark, you wouldn’t know your spark.

I am Debbie G and my favorite thing in this world to spark the G-vibe (that’s the gratitude vibration for you newbies) I am that I am! I am on this planet to bring forward to tools that I’ve learned along this adventure we call life. This beautiful glorious messy adventure, that requires a new perspective almost on a daily basis.”

More about Debbie G: She is the founder of the explosive and forward thinking Spirituality Gone Wild, Certified Love Coach, Gratitude Alchemist, Reiki Master and a self love breakthrough coach who uses customized methods in the most loving way possible to produce results for her clients.

The vision for Spirituality Gone Wild was birthed from deep conversations with a dear friend of Debbie’s, Bob Miller, many years ago. SGW was born to create a safe space for those doing great work, to be seen. It is a Broadcasting and Media Channel dedicated to raising the levels of compassion, gratitude, joy, love, kindness, Peace On Earth and well-being for all. We are using social media for a greater good and offer awesome content, health experts, and uplifting and inspiring hosts and guests. It truly is the wild, wild west channel of Spirituality where all are welcome.

The visions (all of our visions), met with collaboration from around the world, creates an ebb and flow of peace on earth, this is the “why” Debbie shows up. Watch as God/ Source energy, divine intelligence orchestrates the synchronicities. As the saying goes at SGW, forget the how and get ready for the wow with a team of WHO’sville ready to play in the real field of dreams.

Debbie Garcia
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