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Marina Seren

In the year 2015, when I was 15 years old, the wake-up call encoded in my DNA activated and I started my path of spiritual awakening and the recovery of my memories. I started to receive intense downloads on the structure of consciousness and existence and information about what is really going on on Earth, what is the real history of mankind, and what is my mission here.

At that time I observed my Starseed/hybrid nature as well as the indigo/crystal energy of my aura. I started to experience strongly the awakening of my psychic abilities and ancient knowledge, activated DNA codes placed by other beings, remembered my hybrid genetic implants and my role in the First Contact event. I was starting to be visited by ET/ED entities, guides, counterparts, and star families. I would meet them in the dream time, I would travel to their planet, I would recall some of my ET and Earth past lives, I would be taught in spacecraft schools about psychic abilities and metaphysics, as well as spiritual guidance. I would also start to experience consciously my contribution to the Hybrid Programs, after an intense sexual encounter with my Pleiadian counterpart and after meeting my alien-hybrid children on ships.

Parallelly, my experience with the military and other kinds of dark entities would also start, even though it wasn't the first time in my life for both. I experienced military harassment, gangstalking, and covert abductions (MILAB) and battled a spiritual fight until my liberation, which would come with my dark night of the soul, and the awakening of my consciousness. I would also recall my experiences in the Secret Space Program and my Super Soldier training, as well as the Trauma-based Mind Control that I was put under, for the goal of eventually using me as their asset after months of psychic training and programming.

I am currently working on many projects, many of educational nature, in which I teach about my spiritual wisdom and metaphysical knowledge, my ET downloads, my information about the preparation for the future First Contact, and my Higher Mind's guidance that I bring through my conscious channeling abilities. Another of my goals is to be of help in the agenda of Disclosure, sharing both about my ET encounters/abductions, and my experiences with the military and other negative ET and human groups.
On the other hand, I also dedicate myself to the field of arts, especially graphic arts and music, which of course includes channeled energies from the higher dimensions that I perceive.

Some of my information has been already shared in big UFO/Spiritual conferences such as in the Conscious Life Expo of 2020, and the Contact In the Dessert, both in the presentations of the recognized UFO/ET Contact researcher, writer/producer Mary Rodwell (the Alien Lady) about the New Human, star children, and hybrids.

Marina Seren
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