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Kiara Windrider

August 31, 2012


How does it change your worldview to understand that the earth does not belong to us, but rather that we belong to the earth?


If earth is truly a living being, how does this affect your relationship with her?

What do you feel is your own role in the larger evolutionary cycles of life?

How does it feel to know that all the dramas and traumas in your life are part of a cocooning process in your emergence as a human butterfly?


What are your own understandings, visions, and intuitive insights about ‘the shift’?


As we approach the winter solstice of 2012, many seem to be struck by a feverish intensity of anticipation. For some it represents a dark scenario of doomsday and death, the end of the world as we are struck down by meteors and asteroids, or engulfed by tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic ash. For others it is the expectation of a golden age of unprecedented beauty and light which magically dawns upon the planet as we reach the end of the Mayan calendar and cross the galactic equator. For many it is just a date on the calendar like any other. And then there are endless scenarios in between.


Amidst all the hype, debates and controversies, the one thing we do know is that we are seven billion people living in a fragile planetary ecosystem which cannot for much longer sustain our current way of life. We have reached an ecological crossroads and cannot easily turn the clock back.


“Keep contaminating your bed, and one day you will suffocate in your own wastes”, said Chief Seattle in his profoundly prophetic speech more than a hundred and fifty years ago. It seems to me that we are not so far from this tipping point, and amid all the grim speculations about what could happen in countless ‘2012’ scenarios, the worst outcome I can imagine is that NOTHING changes!


Einstein reminds us that we cannot solve the extreme problems of our present age from the same level of consciousness that created them. But what if the entire field of human consciousness is about to change, and that there was a genuine basis for this? Assuming such a thing was possible, what would be the mechanism and timing for such a shift?

From the very outset, I wish to say that I don’t put too much emphasis on linear dates. I have been researching long-range evolutionary cycles for much of my life, but it is impossible to fit these cycles precisely into a linear conception of time. What I would like to offer, however, is my understandings of an integrated mechanism for what many are calling the ‘shift’, and describe how we can assist in co-creating this.


A few years ago I had gone to Guatemala with a group of people to visit some of the sacred sites of the ancient Mayas. We were fortunate to spend some time with the head of the National Council of Elders, Don Alejandro Cirilo, who shared with us his understandings of the Mayan prophecies.


We first asked him about the Mayan calendar, which he was quick to point out was not so much a linear calendar as a map of galactic frequencies. He did not wish to be pigeonholed about any specific timing for this however, and spoke instead about the thirteen prophecies that had been passed down through the generations related to the ‘shift’.


Twelve of these prophecies have already taken place, he stated. The thirteenth prophecy has to do with the time immediately preceding the ‘shift’, and involved ‘three days of darkness’. This would be a specific event, he said, not just a metaphorical symbol, and emphasized that this was not something to fear. Rather, it was a time that we have awaited for a very long time, and would change the very nature of consciousness on the planet.


The Mayans are not the only ones who speak about this ‘three days of darkness’. I have come across this theme over and over in different cultural traditions, but did not have a context to understand what this meant until I started exploring some scientific territory, specifically related to shifting magnetic fields on earth.


The earth’s magnetic field has been decreasing steadily over the past couple thousand years, a decrease that has become exponential over the last couple centuries, hitting an unprecedented low point in the past couple decades. Many scientists expect that when the conditions are right, this could lead to a temporary dissolution of the earth’s magnetic fields, followed by a magnetic pole reversal.


As I show in my book, ‘Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift’, this magnetic reversal seems to be the key to massive evolutionary leaps in planetary history. It is a cyclical process, and takes place approximately once every 12,000 years, a periodicity that can be calculated through a study of the earth’s geological records. This cycle of magnetic reversal also seems to be connected with a 12,000 year cycle of solar intensity, which in turn is linked with a 12,000 year pulse of cosmic and gamma rays emanating from the center of our galaxy.


Is it possible that when the Mayans talk about their calendar being aligned with galactic frequencies, they could be talking about this galactic pulse, what astrophysicist Dr. Paul LaViolette refers to as a ‘galactic superwave’? I believe that the Mayan calendar as well as various ancient calendar systems, mythologies, and prophecies have to do with an understanding of galactic cycles, based not on mystical prophecies of the future but on historical memories of the past.


Interestingly, scientists tell us that when the time is right, the actual reversal of magnetic polarity could happen very quickly, in a matter of a few hours or a few days. Is this the Mayan equivalent of the ‘three days of darkness’?


I would like to suggest that the ‘shift’ we are talking about is directly associated with an upcoming magnetic reversal. All life on earth is directly programmed into the magnetic fields of the earth. So what happens in that brief period of time when this magnetic field drops to zero?


Our thoughts, feelings, memories, and sense of human identity all have to do with linkages between our physical, emotional, mental and soul bodies. What happens when these linkages break down during a collapse of the magnetic field? It is very probable that during this time we would enter into a ‘sleep’ state where our physical senses no longer function in the ordinary way. Like a caterpillar entering its cocoon, an aspect of our being based on a subconscious matrix of limited human identity would begin to dissolve. And as the reversal completes itself, a planetary reset of consciousness would take place aligned with a higher spiral of consciousness.


 This could well be the ‘three days of darkness’ that the Mayas talk about, not that the sun disappears from the skies but that our physical senses and sense of human identity goes through a profound shift. Our obsession with separation, suffering and duality would dissolve in preparation for a higher identity, and a higher aspect of our being would be allowed to incarnate.


Metaphorically, we could refer to this next spiral of time as ‘butterfly consciousness’. And just like a butterfly actually carries a completely different configuration of DNA from that of a caterpillar, we ourselves, along with all life on the planet, would go through biological mutations preparing our nervous systems to hold a higher vibration of our soul essence.

Biological mutations are directly linked to magnetic reversals. What scientists have discovered, from research into previous cycles, is that during the time of zero magnetics preceding a reversal, the magnetic shield surrounding the earth no longer serves as a protective barrier for incoming cosmic radiation. The radiation level on earth tends to shoot up tens of times the normal levels, leading to a massive mutation of species. This mutational process during periods of magnetic reversal is the key to the evolution of species.


Sri Aurobindo, a profoundly awakened mystic and seer who spent many decades exploring the far reaches of human consciousness, spoke often about the evolution of humanity from the animal human stage where we were governed mostly by primitive instinct, to the human human stage, where we are conditioned by the thinking mind, to the divine human stage, where we will be unified with the multidimensional presence of the soul.


It is not just about a few people waking up and getting enlightened, but a collective shift of consciousness. Our current stage of evolution is a transitional stage, says Sri Aurobindo. We are not meant to stagnate forever in a state of duality and separation. This stage was necessary as a transition from the animal human to the divine human, but the time has come now for a new species to be birthed within humanity that is capable of experiencing its multidimensional potential within the field of matter, graduating from separation and duality into unity with all life and creation.


So if this scenario is real, what could be the timing of this? Many researchers refer to our precessional crossing of the galactic equator as a significant marker in time. There are also endless mathematical speculations about transitioning from our current age of darkness into an age of light. A more relevant exploration for me is to observe what seems to be going on with the earth’s magnetic fields at this moment in time.


The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration has been gathering data about the strength and direction of earth’s magnetic field from the past 400 years or so. It is interesting to notice that not only is the earth’s magnetic field decreasing in intensity, but its north-south polar axis is also wandering significantly.


The polar axis has shifted as much in the past 50 years as it did in the 150 years prior to that, and it has travelled as much in the past 10 years as in the 50 years prior to that. There is a significant acceleration in the tilt of the polar axis, and all in the same direction. The north pole is currently moving at the rate of some 40 or 50 km every year in the direction of Siberia, which is extremely fast on a geological time scale.


What this acceleration of tilt seems to indicate is that the magnetic reversal may be close at hand. How close we actually are to this moment of reversal is anybody’s guess, but it is important for us to recognize that, rather than being passive observers, we are an active part of this process. It is not a question for me anymore whether a magnetic reversal will happen, or even a question of when it will happen. What gives me inspiration and joy during these times is the recognition that we are divine co-creators in this process, and that we can choose to shape a new world through the power of our awakened consciousness.


This to me is what Year Zero is about. As multidimensional beings there are certain aspects of our consciousness that are currently incarnated in the material realms. Meanwhile, there are other aspects of our consciousness that exist beyond time, space, and creation. Can we learn to bridge these aspects of our being so we can literally co-create a new earth in accordance with our highest dreams and visions?


This, I feel, is why we are incarnate on earth. This is our work now as we begin to awaken. May we find our way gracefully through these times from darkness to light, from despair to hope, from death to immortality.



Approaching Year Zero – Part 2
Kiara Windrider

October 29, 2012


In the first part of this series we looked at the big picture of an upcoming planetary shift, or what the Mayans refer to as ‘Year Zero’ I would like to continue this discussion now with an emphasis on the evolutionary aspects of this shift.


Humans tend to assume we are on top of an evolutionary ladder. To rightly understand what this ‘shift’ is about, however, we must step out of this anthropocentric assumption and recognize that we are simply one strand in a planetary web of life. The Earth does not belong to us; we belong to the Earth. Evolution is not a blind game of snakes and ladders but an intricately connected highly intelligent journey of unfoldment. No species evolves on its own; we each simply discover a more meaningful destiny within a larger planetary organism sometimes referred to as ‘Gaia’, which in turn is linked with solar, galactic and universal fields of intelligence.


Darwinian evolution postulates that the evolution of species is a long, slow and uniform process. This view has been contested over the years by the view that this long gradual process is punctuated periodically by sudden, rapid and often cataclysmic events.  As we begin to understand the mechanisms that drive these periodic spurts of activity we can also begin to recognize that we have an active role to play within this great unfoldment.


We discussed earlier in this series an underlying mechanism that drives the larger evolutionary cycles, initiated by ‘galactic superwaves’ periodically emanating from the center of our galaxy, moving through a precise synchronization of events within our solar system, and culminating in magnetic reversals on Earth. We postulated that many ancient prophecies were not based so much on visions of the future but on memories of the past, and as such referred to an evolutionary mechanism that was precise and predictable. We further hypothesized that magnetic reversals are the key to evolutionary changes, and that these reversals were directly linked with the prophecy concerning ‘three days of darkness’, which for the Mayans and other wisdom keepers, marked the prelude to ‘year zero’, or the great shift.


How close we are to ‘year zero’ is anybody’s guess. I personally don’t feel that we can date this in a precise fashion and I don’t see this occurring as early as the winter solstice of 2012. I suspect that we will be seeing massive fluctuations in the planetary magnetic fields for several months before the actual reversal takes place, demonstrated by spectacular displays of ‘aurora borealis’ type events in the skies as well as immense spurts of activity within our own psyches. 


What I would like to emphasize at this stage is that the timing of this ‘shift’ is not accidental. We are not separate from the Earth, and we are not separate from the galactic consciousness that is driving the evolutionary process. Perhaps it would be accurate to say that in the context of a planetary organism we as humans represent the nervous system of Gaia, and therefore have a role to play in bridging cosmic forces from across the galaxies with the evolution of life here on Earth.


We are multi-dimensional beings. There are aspects of our being that exist beyond time and space, beyond creation itself, as pure consciousness. There are other aspects of our being embodied within the fabric of time, space and matter here on this planet. We are both Creator and Creation, and the entire dance of evolution is about Creator consciousness becoming manifest and self-aware within Creation.


Each time we go through a magnetic reversal there is an opportunity to spiral into a higher octave of awareness. It is like a re-set of consciousness. Our subconscious history as a species, including all our instinctive fears, social and religious conditioning, and deep-seated belief in duality and separation, is held within a magnetic matrix within the aura of the planet. This matrix gets shaken up during a magnetic reversal, with the possibility of shifting to a new equilibrium of consciousness that is more directly aligned with the multi-dimensional reality of our creative beingness.


As the magnetic shields of the earth collapse during the reversal, we are bombarded by extreme amounts of cosmic radiation, allowing new species to emerge within the web of life as others go extinct. Simultaneously, new genetic potentials become activated within existing species that allow Gaia as a planetary organism to evolve to the next stage of her own evolutionary journey. On a human level, we step up the ladder of evolutionary potential, mutating from animal human stages towards what Sri Aurobindo referred to as the ‘divine human’, refining our nervous systems so we can embody more creator-consciousness within our cellular matrix, for the benefit of all creation.


We are not passive observers in this evolutionary process. Passing through a magnetic reversal is no small thing, but we must remember that these things do not happen to us but through us. As creator beings aligned with the consciousness of Gaia, we have a role to play in determining what this next evolutionary leap will look like, and what degree of cataclysmic activity we need to experience.


It seems to me that in previous cycles of magnetic reversal, as in the sinking of Atlantis 11,800 years ago, we were not awake enough as a species to play a co-creative role in planetary awakening. There was much chaos and instability in the collective fields of consciousness and the planet could not sustain the massive waves of cosmic energy that entered our solar system at the time. Magnetic reversals were accompanied by crustal plate displacements and geographical pole shifts which led to the sinking and rising of landmasses, and much cataclysmic destruction as recorded in myths and legends of ancient earth peoples.


This time around however, I feel that we have achieved a higher spiral of consciousness, and that there are enough awakened humans on the planet (assisted by whale and dolphin fields) to achieve a relatively smooth transition into the next stage of collective evolution. But we are not out of the woods yet. The script is still being written, and we still have a choice between a number of potential timelines for what this next phase of collective awakening would look like.


It may be appropriate in this context to say a few words about ‘ascension’, which is a term often used to describe this collective awakening. The term is accurate when referring to the vibrational frequency of matter. Our planet has gone through many shifts in vibrational density over the eons, correlating with various dimensions of experience. What we currently identify as third density is an experience of reality rooted in separation, limitation, and duality.


To the extent that we are identified with third density, it is accurate to talk about ‘ascension’.  However, to the extent that we identify with our unlimited potential as multidimensional creator consciousness, I believe it would be more appropriate to refer to this journey as a ‘descension’. It is not about escaping from this reality but transforming it. As we incarnate fully into these bodies of matter we become co-creators of a new earth, fully expressing our multidimensional presence within the dance of creation.


A few months ago I had been swimming in the ocean when I was stung by a portuguese man o’war. The pain was intense, and I blindly raced for shore in panic to find my body covered in large red welts. Despite dabbing myself liberally with aloe vera, the stinging continued unabated, and as evening approached I found myself entering into a highly altered state of consciousness.


That night I had a very vivid shamanic dream. In this dream I found myself lifting off the earth, freely and effortlessly flying through various dimensions at will, recognizing that the density of my physical body had changed, and that I was able to radiate the light of my divine self while still remaining in material form. It was an ecstatic feeling, and felt like the most natural thing in all the worlds.


A little later in the dream I was with a small group of other people and we all started to lift up from third density. It was like learning to fly the dragon in James Cameron’s movie, Avatar, just one big ecstatic dance of freedom. And then later in the dream I was given a date, which indicated a time of collective ascension/descension for Gaia.


I’ve spoken earlier about the perils of focusing on linear dates, and so will not publicly say more. In any case, I think we are still fluctuating between many possible timelines, and there are no calendars set in stone, whether Mayan or otherwise. I also feel that as the time of the shift draws close, we will begin to feel this for ourselves within ourselves, as any mother knows who has ever been pregnant.


An appropriate metaphor for the nature of this timing is the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. At a certain point in its life cycle, the caterpillar identify begins to fade as old thoughts, feelings, forms, and memories dissolve into a genetic soup. In the darkness of the cocoon, new DNA material becomes activated, until eventually in the right timing a butterfly emerges fully formed from the soup.


Our own metamorphosis is an equally mysterious process. Sri Aurobindo refers to the journey of our species from the ‘human human’ to the ‘divine human’, towards a higher stage of evolution in which our identity will no longer be mediated through our current linear third-dimensional thinking mind, but rather through a multidimensional soul-infused supramental center of consciousness.


Just as with a caterpillar however, it is a biological process. We can facilitate this process by consciously aligning with the truth of who we are, but it is not about trying to do something or get someplace through mental effort. It is not about flapping our legs and trying to fly. We don’t become butterflies as long as we are running around trying to become better caterpillars. It is only when we surrender to the evolutionary forces that are already at work within us that the shift happens in its own mysterious way.


We are already beginning to experience this shift. As we go through an accelerating phase of magnetic fluctuations on the earth, our physical, emotional and mental bodies are already undergoing changes. Many of us are going through extreme physical challenges, including aches and pains in the joints, uncomfortable symptoms of kundalini activation, and various assorted miasms and illnesses as the density of our physical bodies responds to higher-vibrational evolutionary forces moving through us.


Many of us are likewise going through intense emotional ‘stuff’, as old patterns begin to surface from wherever they’ve been buried, and we are forced to re-evaluate our priorities in context of who we truly are and what we really want. This includes a re-evaluation of deeply held belief systems as we move out of social conditioning and religious dogma into a direct experience of our multidimensional self. As old identities dissolve, we go through cocooning phases that feel dry, depressing, painful, and suffocating. Our minds stop functioning. We forget names and places. Certainties dissolve. Our attachments to places, people, roles and concepts fall away. We go through a dark night of the senses, even a dark night of the soul, where everything that we have ever known ourselves to be melts into cosmic soup...


And through it all a new light shines, a supramental light not yet seen on this earth, a beautiful emergence of butterfly consciousness where creator and creation ultimately realize their identity as one. This is the evolutionary goal in this grand experiment of life. This is why seven billion beings have chosen to be here at this time in human form. This is what Year Zero is ultimately about!



Approaching Year Zero - Part 3

Kiara Windrider

January 15, 2013


In the dawning of a new sky, gathered with about twelve hundred people in the ancient temple site of Uxmal in Yucatan, Mexico, I watched the gradual return of light on the shortest day of the year, December 21, 2012 – a day that millions had awaited with varying degrees of dread, excitement and hope. As the sun rose and set again on this last day of a long count Mayan cycle, some were left strangely disappointed that it was not as dramatic a turning point as they had hoped, while others wiped their brows in relief that it wasn’t as cataclysmic an event as they had feared.


Millions of people around the world came together on this day with a collective intention for peace, beauty, and spiritual awakening. Many reported feeling subtle shifts in the planetary fields, and deeper access to higher dimensional realities. Some, including Mayan priest Don Alejandro Cirilo, talked about the shift from a masculine worldview to a feminine worldview, a shift that would affect both men and women, and empower all of us to live in closer harmony and balance with each other and the earth.


As I indicated in earlier articles on the Year Zero theme, I feel that this time of transformation is both a gradual process and a distinct event. When I first heard Don Alejandro Cirillo mention the term ‘year zero’ many years ago he linked this to the prophecy of ‘three days of darkness’. Over a period of time I came to the conclusion that this was referring to the same phenomenon that scientists were calling a ‘magnetic reversal’. The ‘darkness’ was not about our sun suddenly turning dark in the sky above us, but about a deep sleep or ‘cocooning’ which our sense perceptions would undergo during this reversal process as we morphed into a new species of humanity. As a caterpillar genetically transforms into a butterfly, I felt that humanity was preparing for its own metamorphosis into the ‘divine human’ in response to a ‘supramental descent’ of galactic light.


Some research I came across recently opens up further door of possibility that I find equally fascinating and exciting. Extrapolating on Dewey B. Larson’s book, Universe in Motion, (see also,, and a scientific researcher who prefers to simply call himself Daniel, ( contends that our conventional understanding of astronomy is literally all backward.

Conventional astronomy, referring to stellar evolution, describes a sequence of events where blue dwarves become yellow suns which become red giants which eventually go supernova. Larson’s theory of ‘Reciprocal Systems’, basically reverses this sequence. According to this theory, stars start out as large dust clouds; condense into red supergiants, become orange giants, then yellow and white stars, and then on to blue giants, before going supernova.


When understood rightly, claims Larson, this backward sequence provides a logical and consistent pattern of evolution which eliminates the need for a number of mathematical devices introduced by conventional astronomers to make their theories fit, including concepts such as dark matter, dark energy, even black holes and antimatter.

Instead, it opens up the doorway to a new understanding of time, space, gravitational energy and matter, which in turn creates an exciting bridge to a deeper understanding of mystical phenomena, dimensional transformation, and conscious evolution.


For instance, Larson’s theory postulates that the speed of light is not a limit, but rather a boundary. Matter is lost when an element goes faster than light, and is gained when the same element returns to speeds slower than light.  Matter is constantly crossing this boundary back and forth, and gaining or losing mass in the process. What we call radioactivity has to do with elements crossing back and forth over this boundary. When isotopes of matter travel across this boundary to move faster than light, they dissolve in a flurry of radioactivity. When they travel across this boundary to speeds slower than light, new isotopes of that element get created.


This level of creation cannot be accomplished in the kind of particle accelerators we currently possess, however. We need furnaces like solar or galactic cores, which as astrophysicist Paul LaViolette indicates in his theory of continuous evolution, are the cauldrons where new creation takes place.


Larson’s theory further postulates that just as electrons shift orbits in quantum jumps, so does stellar evolution happen in quantum shifts. These quantum shifts take place in far less time than conventional astronomy has understood, because our dating methods have to do with an incorrect understanding of radioactivity, which is the basis of most dating systems. Thus, humans have been around long enough to witness our sun jump from orange giant to yellow star, and will be around to witness our jump from yellow star to white star.


In fact, if his theory is accurate, this jump could take place in our own lifetimes. Suns feed on matter. The more matter available to a sun the hotter it gets. There is an incursion of vast amounts of cosmic dust currently beginning to enter our solar system, a phenomenon that LaViolette would explain as the result of galactic superwaves from the core of our galaxy periodically overcoming the heliopause, or magnetic shield around our solar system, and consequently letting in huge quantities of interstellar dust.


As this interstellar dust bombards our solar system, our sun would get continually hotter, and when the moment is right, make a quantum jump from its current status as a Class G yellow star into a Class F yellow-white star. Rather than obliterating the solar system in the process, however, a gravitational displacement would follow, in which the earth and other planets would be pushed out to further orbital regions. This displacement would however create a change in the vibrational frequency of earth’s matter. Just as the sun begins to enter a higher vibrational cycle of its own evolution, so would the earth and all life upon the earth shift into a different dimension, or density of vibration.


This quantum shift from a yellow star to a yellow-white star would be accompanied by intense flashes of light, and coronal mass ejections, followed by a pulse of darkness, as the sun stabilized into its new evolutionary state. Daniel conjectures that this could be the basis of the Mayan prophecy of the ‘three days of darkness’.


 If this theory is accurate, it would also provide a reasonable explanation for the Mayan prophecy of the ‘second sun’, which is often linked with the prophecy of ‘three days of darkness’. I would welcome further dialogue or correction on this theme. I would conjecture that the coronal mass ejections following such a change of state on our sun would be the mechanism for a reversal of magnetic polarity on the earth. As I explain in previous articles, this magnetic reversal would in turn lead to a profound shift in the collective consciousness of humanity and all life on the planet, as we unhook from the subconscious matrix of duality and separation, and reconnect with our higher-dimensional identity as creator beings. In this expanded version of the Mayan prophecy, however, we are not talking simply talking about a shift of consciousness on the earth but a new stage of evolution for the entire solar system.


Courtney Brown is the head of the Farsight Institute, and has trained many individuals in the art of ‘remote viewing’. In a recent article, he reports an experiment where his team of psychic researchers was given two different time periods to investigate. During the first of these time periods, centered around June 1, 2008, nothing significantly out of the ordinary was reported by any of them. However, as they remote viewed conditions on earth around June 1, 2013, roughly half of the remote viewers experienced visions of extremely cataclysmic shifts and changes.


This discovery was startling enough in itself. What struck me as equally startling, however, was the fact that the other half of these highly trained remote viewers experienced nothing too different from the ordinary. Why such an extreme difference in these two groups? Could it be that on some level of consciousness we are already beginning to experience a divergence in timelines, or dimensional frequencies?


In ordinary conditions and in our current state of consciousness, we experience reality in terms of what we call linear time. But what happens when we start crossing the boundary of the speed of light, or when we start experiencing higher dimensional frequencies, either through consciously developing our intuitive or shamanic gifts, or as a result of the sun’s entry into a new state of equilibrium? Is it possible that we might then collectively begin to experience a multiplicity of timelines? Is this beginning to happen now?


There has been a dichotomy in conventional physics where the laws pertaining to the world of subatomic particles are very different from the laws pertaining to large masses such as planets, suns and galaxies. Larson’s Reciprocal System is one of a set of emerging ‘unified field theories’ that seek to provide a bridge between the microcosmic and macrocosmic worlds. In doing so we also begin to see how the physical worlds and the spiritual worlds intersect, and how third dimensional worlds and higher dimensional worlds can be understood in terms of a single spectrum of reality. It provides a basis for unifying the physical and spiritual aspects of our own being.


Could it be that the global changes we are witnessing today in response to solar and galactic forces are moving us towards a ‘critical mass’ of awakening? Human beings are evolving to a stage where we can merge the creator aspects of our being, which exists in a realm beyond time and space, with the created aspects of our being, which are anchored within the framework of time, space and matter. As we consciously choose to merge the physical body with the light body we enter the parameters of this ‘unified field’ where all things become possible. We can choose then whether we wish to continue existing in an anti-evolutionary life-denying artificially constructed duality or align ourselves with the quantum evolutionary shift currently taking place in our solar system.

Perhaps this is what ‘year zero’ is ultimately about!


Questions to Ponder

1.  How do we test and evaluate what we hear as truth? Does the scenario outlined above resonate with your inner sense of truth?

2. The Ojibwas have a saying, “Never confuse facts with truth”. Is it possible for scientific facts and mystical truth to coincide?

3.  Dewey B. Larson’s Reciprocal Systems theory is one of a number of recent TOE’s (Theory of Everything) that seeks to reconcile the laws of the universe on both macrocosmic and quantum levels. How would it change our concepts of human and planetary history if Dewey Larson’s theories were widely accepted as scientifically accurate?

4.  Does the scenario outlined above provide a reasonable explanation for the Mayan prophecies regarding the ‘three days of darkness’ or the ‘second sun’?

5.  Does the scenario outlined above provide a reasonable explanation for what many refer to as ‘dimensional shift’, or ‘ascension’?

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