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My main work is channeling information from our galactic family, as well as the world of seraphim angels, archangels or ascended masters. I also tend to have premonitions and often see images and sequences of the future. I also work as an artist and love to pass on to you the codes of the spiritual world through song, music and light language.

In my work it is a special concern for me to remind you of who you really are! I help you to understand yourself as Starseed and especially how you can accept and live your "otherness" on earth! Don't be afraid of it and unfold yourself and your starseed DNA. You carry the key for the new 5D Earth and you are here to create it together with us. I help you to find your planetary origins.

I accompany you to recognize your important soul task and to strengthen it. If you also belong to those starseeds like me, who were or are often attacked by the dark forces, I can support you in healing as well.

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