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Rachael Burns

As a very young child, Rachael channelled Light Language and dropped spontaneously into a trance-like state. Seeing energy and vibrations, having awareness of Star Beings and beings from different realms and seeing light and dark energies was a part of every day life. For much of Rachael's life she felt like she didn’t fit into a normal human life and struggled to be part of this physical world.

Rachael's first conscious awakening was at 26, after the sudden death of her mother. It was at this time her energy centres opened further to receive information.

Encountering a great deal of childhood trauma, she blocked out many of these traumatic memories until the age of 34, when she encountered a deep and spontaneous re-membering. Again at 38, more deeply buried memories of abuse surfaced. Pandora’s Box had been opened, and so began the re-claiming of her true self and the re-connection to her wisdom and ultimate inner knowing and truth;
remembering we are all pure God consciousness in physical form,
that all of our experiences are chosen, and
that the people who have volunteered to play the villains in our lives are actually our greatest teachers and greatest loves.
Now realising part of her lesson here was to learn how to transmute profound trauma and low, dense frequencies personally and collectively, Rachael identifies as a Star Seed, and amongst other things, supports and teaches others through the creation of her metaphysical academy D.A.A.M.A Divine Awakenings Academy of the Mystic Arts and through her work with children in Mini Meditation Australia.

Rachael Burns
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