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Rebecca Hardcastle Wright

Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, Ph.D., is a leading expert in Exoconsciousness and integrating ET contact. As a futurist, coach, author, and founder of I-EXO, she is committed to building an Exoconscious Civilization on Earth and in space.
Exoconsciousness is the innate human ability to contact, communicate, and co-create with ETs and multidimensional beings.

Exoconscious Coaching focuses on your Future--the life you envision. This coaching begins with your present awareness of psychic, ET, multidimensional contact, opening you to deeper integration. Your developing Exoconscious Self-identity then advances toward Co-Creating your cosmic mission in a purposeful career, talent, or craft. Exoconscious Coaching is a cosmic, holistic life transformation.

Rebecca Hardcastle Wright
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