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Zareziel works on the Cumulative Soul or Source level as well as your Genetic Blueprint to help redesign and reprogram new realities - transforming your life effortlessly while materializing fast and tangible results and manifesting abundance in all areas of your lives. Many now are celebrating their new lives after just one or more sessions with Zareziel. Zareziel is a Loving & Powerful Thought Leader Spiritual Mentor, Quantum Empathic Energy Healer, and Neuro-Practioner. She is the Bridge, Transmitter, Anchor, Face , and Conscious embodiment of the 23rd Dimensional 10th level Angelic Realm known as “ Those of the Highest Light”. She aligns the Collective Consciousness of humanity to the Consciousness of the Divine/ Creator of all that is/ Divine Feminine Mother or what many call the Mind of G-d.

For the past eleven years, she has been what she calls laughingly "Hiding in Plain Sight". She has been traveling throughout the United States quietly having Powerful and Transformative Healing Sessions, Retreats, and Intimate Gatherings for the past years. Transmitting, and Anchoring the power of Divine Truth and Unity Consciousness as well as anchoring the Frequency of the 23rd Dimensional Angelic Consciousness. The Frequency that Zareziel anchors, puts people in alignment with their Authentic Selves, aligns you to the Presence of the Divine and Self Unification. Which results in spiritual epiphanies, Healing, transformations, and advancements for the benefit of the Collective Consciousness known as Humanity one Soul at a time.

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