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  "Indigos and the Return to Innocence"
Phil Gruber

"The children with the second sight,
a natural thing, so that they might
grow graceful, humble and when they do,
the Golden Age will start anew"....Mother Shipton (1488-1561)


The "Mother Shipton Prophesies", as they are known, are very controversial, and debates have raged for centuries as to their authenticity.  But one thing is certain; what has been long prophesied and anticipated for countless
generations is finally coming to pass!!!  For hundreds of years, waves of souls have been incarnating on the planet for no less a reason than to help facilitate our, and the planet's, ascension into the next Golden Age!  These beings are collectively known as the INDIGOS.  What are now commonly called Indigos in the metaphysical/spiritual community are known by many names, such as Mythic/Magical/Mystical Children, Super Psychics, Crystal Children, Children of the New Dream ... even Starseeds and Starchildren, just to name a few!  Long ago, the Indigos were known by many other names, such as the Children of the Violet Ray, Blue Star or Blue Ray Children, the Sons and Daughters of Paradise ... many other titles.

The reason Indigos are called Indigos is because for many years now, clairvoyants and psychics have noticed an abundance of the indigo wavelength, or color, in the auric fields especially of children. The reason is, and this is very essential to understanding the Indigo phenomenon, is that Indigos come in, literally birth in, with portions of the 5th, and especially the 6th DNA strand partially operational. When one begins to understand the mechanism of the DNA a little more fully, one comes to understand that each strand of DNA functions as an electro-magnetic lens; in truth, the DNA is the chemical lens that allows portions of our consciousness stationed here, and in the higher dimensions, to embody, to literally express themselves through us, the vehicles through which Holy Spirit, or God, is able to manifest here, to experience the hologram of itself. The 6th DNA strand processes 6th dimensional consciousness, which is known by some as the 6th Ray, or the indigo wavelength. So, it makes perfect sense that one with this level of DNA activation would have a lot of the color indigo in their fields!

That portion of the wholeness of who we are that presently resides in the 4th, 5th, and 6th dimension is what many call the Soul, the Dora, or the Angelic parts of ourselves. Indigos are primarily distinguished by this higher level of DNA activation, which, incidentally, accounts for the level of psychism that many of these beings demonstrate. With the higher level of DNA activation that Indigos hold, higher senses that are organic to the human form begin to kick in, literally from birth!  How better to explain the phenomenon of child prodigies that, at such tender ages, they are able to write symphonies, for one example, with little or no formal training. Not only that, but in the style of the great masters!  This is clearly a case of 'incarnational bleed-through' where, because of the high level of
DNA activation these souls come in with, they are embodying the consciousness, as well as the gifts, talents and blessings of, at least, their immediate incarnational families!  Some Indigos haven't made it here yet.  Because of their energetic patterns, if it is felt that they cannot come into full fetal integration inside of their mother's bodies, or birth fully through, they will decide to 'back off' and try again at some other time. Here, this is experienced as miscarriages, stillbirths, or abortion. This is not to downplay the tragic events these are, but please understand, these decisions are made on the higher levels.  It's important to remember that's it's not just the children who are demonstrating these 'new' abilities. The children have been getting most of the attention fo a while now, but the
truth is that these most recent waves of what are now called Indigos have been incarnating here on the planet for at least 200 years!  The fact is that Indigos always incarnate on the planet when the planet is experiencing
what it is experiencing now, and that is a great shift, the Shift of the Ages, the dawning of the next great Golden Age!

Indigos are also distinguished by their expanded genetic templates.  Every Indigo currently on the planet, and there are millions presently here now, have the template for at least 12 DNA strands.  This 12-strand  pattern is
known as the 'silicate matrix'; more commonly known as the 'crystal gene'. It is the pattern of the Adam Kadmon, the original human, called by some our Divine Potential, by others, The Immaculate Concept; by still others, the Holy Grail!!

Within the DNA templates of all Indigos currently on the planet is held not only the memory of our long-forgotten history, the meaning and purpose of our lives, but the true keys to the ascension of our race!  There is something that many of us reading this article have felt at one time or another in our lives; that we are somehow different. Many of us have spent our entire lives with a longing that has never been fully satisfied, and oftentimes our hearts have ached to be able to share our special gifts, or pain, with others of like minds.  The truth is that the Indigos are from the future, and that future is what many call Heaven, Tara...even Tolkien's Valinor.  Heaven is Earth's future just as the angels are ours!!!  The Indigos are incarnates of a future, elder human race.  It is said that the Indigos are bringing something new to the gene pool here on Earth, that they are modeling the next step, or stage, in human evolution. This is true, but it is a step back to what we once were. Every Indigo on the planet holds the genetic template of the original Angelic Human race, and when there are a critical mass of Indigos alive, awake and aware here, we will see Heaven fully manifest here on Earth. The Indigos are here to bridge the Earth with it's future and it's pre-fall past, right here, right now. The truth is that the line between Indigos and 'non-indigos' is is meant to! What is happening on this planet is for the upliftment of ALL humanity!  The time we are living in is a moment, a moment caught and crystallized in time and space, a moment when the Heavens are changing with respect to a new Earth; when, for the first time in a very long time, we are being given the opportunity to take our place among the allies, and as equals. That moment is, in reality, no than our next breath, our next heartbeat, our next moment, already here, waiting for us to renew our vows to spirit and fulfill a covenant we made
with ourselves a long, long time ago.  The Indigos are here for no less a reason than to help us reclaim our original innocence, to re-introduce us to new possibilities to re-discover ourselves;, but most of all, to help us to remember love!

Please understand that I've painted some broad strokes here, as well as shared some pretty specific information as regards the Indigo phenomenon. We are here, and for the first time in a very long time, in numbers 'to big to ignore'.  In our lives, in our time, we are being gifted to know the full revelation of the Christos, the most secret teachings of all ages.  This is our return to innocence, and I wish all who are reading this God-speed in your personal journeys into wholeness.

Phil Gruber has been astounding audiences the world over with his vast knowledge of the Indigo phenomenon, and is featured in the critically-acclaimed documentary "The Indigo Evolution".  His passion, enthusiasm, kind heart, sparkling wit and intelligence has made him a much-loved and highly respected speaker on the international scene.  He can be reached at


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