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Living Guided by Your Inner Wisdom

Hildegard Gmeiner

There is something in the human spirit that will survive and prevail. There is a light, which will not go out, no matter how dark the world becomes.

~ Leo Tolstoy ~


It was during a few near-death experiences that I realized there is more to a human being than the physical body.


Suddenly my conscious awareness was separated from my physicality. The body collapsed without any prior notice. While it was lying on the ground, my consciousness interacted with intelligences from another dimension.


 What I learned during those moments proved to be crucial to my very survival during the months and years to come, as well as to that of my four, now grown, children.


These experiences, decades of research, combined with the wisdom coming from my ‘Inner Soul-Guidance System’ (ISGS) had me understand, human beings are more powerful, than we have been giving ourselves credit for.


We are infinite, multi-dimensional consciousness of which some aspects seek to express itself through this physicality in the here and now.


The trouble is, most of us were never taught about consciousness, nor how our level of awareness about it, or lack thereof, manifests as our reality.


Instead we have been conditioned to limit ourselves to the perceptions of our physical senses. We have become blind to our inner compass and the language it uses, to guide us through this earthly experience. We have been socialized to deny our true nature and that, without even being consciously aware of it.


Conditioned to living in constant reaction to what’s going on around us, we experience tensions, discomfort, disharmony and ‘dis-ease’. We have become like corks bobbing on rough seas; bundles of conditioned responses, tossed to and fro.


The bigger the gap between where our unique soul-software wants to direct us, and where our conditioned, outwardly and materially focused mind is pushing us, the more stressed, confused, and ultimately physical sick and dissatisfied we become.


In these WISH ALLIANCE  articles I will be sharing with you some aspects of my inward journey. When decades ago, the outside world seemingly had no answers for  me, there just was nowhere else to look but inward.


I invite you to come along with me for an exploration of our unique inner guidance system.  You will discover the subtleties with which your inner compass signals to you 24/7. You will become aware of the signals you are permanently sending out. You will learn to recognize the tell-tales for when you are misaligned with your inner guidance, and how to consciously transform your outgoing beacon by aligning your daily actions towards a desired outcome.


I call  this discovery of our inner workings ‘Intuitive Awareness Consulting’.  My ‘walk-in’ experience had turned the life I had once known, completely upside down, pushing me on my spiritual path.


Over time I became increasingly aware of how my inner guidance system worked. I learned to accept and embrace the visions (clairvoyance) I had had all my life, yet I had ignored them until crisis hit. I had been taught to value the opinions of others more than my own inner knowing.


In time, I realized, innate also communicates with me through clairaudience and clairsentience.  Besides that I can recognize the level of consciousness someone operates on by the words they speak.  -  You might call me supersensitive, which many well-meaning people proclaimed was not at all helpful, when I was a child.


‘Toughen up, develop a thicker skin,” was the standard phrase during my grade school  years. Interestingly enough, my physical skin is very thin also. As without so within.


As it turned out, thanks to my hyper-sensitivity I received the answers to questions, the outer world experts had no answers for.


I assert that the same is true for you also. It’s our sensitivity which is the key to becoming increasingly conscious of our innate guidance system. Reviving our innate sensitivity and learning to listen to our subtle soul guidance is something I enjoy helping people with.


Intuitive Awareness Consulting, as I call it, arises out of my personal journey of re-discovering my sensitivity and my subtle soul senses. When our mind and our actions are informed by the signaling coming from our innate guidance system, life becomes increasingly more enjoyable.


New understanding about what makes us really tick, enables us to become aware and unhook from unconscious, self-sabotaging programs. It helps us heal past traumas, provides us with clarity of what we want and to draw towards us our heart’s desires.


The closer we come to our true nature, the more trust and confidence we can develop in acting upon its guidance, the healthier and happier our lives will become. We then will make increasingly more conscious choices, resulting in new desired outcomes.


Another positive side effect of living guided from within is that we will ultimately be guided to fulfilling on our soul purpose, simply by doing what makes our soul sing. Simultaneously we then will contribute to the evolution of the collective human consciousness as well.



A wise man once said:


“Know Thyself and all the Wisdom and Riches of the Universe will be given on to you.” 


Getting to know what makes me tick and learning to consciously use my inner operating system, most certainly has been making a big difference in my life.  I trust it will be helpful to you as well.


If you are interested in discussing this topic further or do a session with me, feel free to reach out. I look forward to hearing from you via my website.

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