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Reflections on Enlightenment

Kiara Windrider

May 22, 2014


“There is an aspect of ourselves that is beyond space and time, which we might refer to as The Universe, or Creator. There also seems to be an aspect of ourselves that is constructed within multiple dimensions of time and space, which we might refer to as Creation. Creator and Creation co-exist in a continuous dance of discovery and exploration. Our destiny is to touch both these realms, embrace them both within our being, and become co-creators of a new Earth.”


I understand that everything is consciousness and that in consciousness there is no separation. Why then did consciousness create the physical worlds if our descent into matter has led to such an extreme state of separation? Is it possible to end this separation such that matter and spirit can be unified? Is there such a thing as collective enlightenment?


To our physical senses, the material world appears to unfold in dimensions of time and space, appears to be composed of objects separate from each other, appears to be distinct from the non-physical or spiritual planes.  Some people refer to the material plane as maya or illusion. But what if the great illusion is not the material plane itself but the idea that the material is separate from the spiritual?


The physical body seems to operate as a separate entity, but this is not so much the reality of the body as an illusion created within the mind. The function of this incredible evolution we call mind is to create a perception of innumerable events connected together in linear time, which creates the illusion that the One has divided into many, which in turn creates a field of body-mind consciousness which holds these events together in memory as  a personal ego.  Unfortunately, with the birth of this personal ego also came a sense of separation. Our identification with ‘me’  in here as separate from the ‘world’ out there has led us inevitably to the experience of suffering, trauma, victimhood, anxiety, lovelessness, fear, aggression, limitation, and a million and one variations of the human story.


But what if our human evolution is still incomplete? What if the structure of mind is continuing to evolve to a point where all of humanity can experience the full range of consciousness, including the physical dimensions, without reference to a separate ego? What if nature is sparking this awakening within an increasing number of human beings until we reach a critical mass in which all humanity can awaken together?


What would it mean for infinite consciousness to fully incarnate within matter?  What happens when the veil of illusion is dissolved and creator recognizes itself within the face of all creation? It could be that as higher functions of the mind continue to evolve within the human species, we would inevitably move towards a collective awakening where the sense of personal ego drops away completely. The mental ego simply dissolves into the field of oneness, the experience of separation dissolves into the consciousness of unity, and we experience the diversity of creation as a single unified organism.

We are creator consciousness dreaming ourselves awake within creation. As we dream, so it is.

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