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Hildegard Gmeiner


Copyright©2021 Hildegard Gmeiner



A female form skin and bones

One essence had vacated its home

Saw the body lying on the road

Her children, EMS workers, people from the neighbourhood



Body looking dead, essence in the light

What happened, have I died?

I that I am, was surrounded by iridescence so bright

Listening to a distant voice, so full of might


I that I am, wanted to be that light

Express myself and take a stand

No longer march to someone else’s band

Claiming the “I am that I am”,  the all and nothingness

Letting go of all my worldly masses



Oops, where did my body go?

No hands to cover, from the glare and glow

Mind was working overtime

What is happening to this life of mine


Becoming conscious in a hospital bed

Questions, as to where did the I go, seemingly without end

Humans are nothing but energy

I that I am, shared with them my newly acquired theory


Next of kind I didn’t recognize

In fact, I had begun to despise

The lack of sensitivity and overwhelming negativity

Is that what on Earth is called family?


Rows of houses squeezed in a Canadian sub-division

Reflective of the overall, greater human division

Children carted off to daycare and the sitter

Parents rushing, turning increasingly bitter

Expensive mortgages, fancy appearances, yet no one is home

Walk-in-mother and three kids were alone

The parks were empty, no next-door neighbour

Thank goodness for libraries, shopping malls, and riding the escalator


Housework, breakfast, lunch and dinner

Over time only became the winner

Inner voice’s constant information flow

Shift from crystalline to carbon based-body…, I thought my head would blow


Kitchen, children, housewife’s plight

Mom, what’s for supper tonight?

The inner narrator, did explain it all

Like a running commentator, showering me like a waterfall


The more I shared what’s going on inside of me

with my mate, best friend, as learned by slowly recovered  memory

It became clear there was increasing hostility

There was no longer a loving family


Threats of hospitalization and psychiatric incarceration

Walk-in mother took the kids in her care and ran

Stepped into the great unknown, overcome with fear

Inner whispers, guiding, coaching, always saying, I am here


The mission was raising these children to the light

Never to succumb to the human plight

Taking full charge of the human vehicle’s hardware, rewriting her inner software

Without full understanding and command of mind and heart, one goes nowhere


Unconsciously stuck in repetitive patterns of grieve and pain

All of Earthly life appeared to be in vain

Belief-in-separateness-seed once sown so deep

Almost makes soul contracts too hard to keep


Hence Walk-Ins among others were parachuted in

To bring about transformation from Within

Generally, to overcome, what’s believed humanly impossible

Creating new paths, which over time become increasingly more plausible


Soul-Essence-Exchanges are a way to bring  in new cosmic manifestation

Aiding the human collective consciousness vibration

Anchoring  increasingly more cosmic light

Assisting planet Earth overcoming its unconsciously created plight

So all creatures’ cell photon acceleration

Can lead to everyone’s salvation

Unity Consciousness among all human peoples can be attained

And no Soul-Essence-Exchanged Walk-In will ever again have to faint.

The Galactic Human 

Copyright©2021 Hildegard Gmeiner


We might be from outer space

And feel like we don’t belong

Even though it’s hard to believe

Struggles and pain do make our soul strong


We spiral upwards in vibration

We feel it in our bodily sensation

What once was considered DNA-junk

Turns out not at all to be defunct


Increased photon activity of the sun

Sends many a chromosome on the run

Waking us up, opening all our throttles

No wonder, one sometimes wobbles


Once we run on twelve DNA strains

The feeling of pain, hardship and suffering veins

All is attracted, shows up as if blown in by the breeze

Life is lived with so much more ease


The Resonance of  LOVE  has its many connectors

Crossing points, amino acidic information fuel injectors

Feeling compassion, gratitude and generosity

Propels our consciousness with much velocity


Fear, to the contrary only generates Deflectors

Illusions of dangers have us battle “Dementors”

It inhibits potential and narrows our vision

That’s why there is the “Tele” and much tunnel vision


Zombies are those who aren’t fully awake

Unwilling to give their head a bit of a shake

They claim to have it on high authority

Though check out what’s their ultimate priority


‘Common Good’ always is lesser then the good of the leader

Many a man perished over ions, as the cannon’s feeder

The ground troopers stuck to and controlled with fear

Are free to hold on to whatever belief they hold dear


Universal laws though always governs life, day in and day out

We are free to be grateful, also free to always doubt and to pout

It is our choice to rise above separation and isolation

The opportunity exists now for 12-DNA-Strain-Activation


2012 and beyond was all about Ascension

Oneness Consciousness and Intergalactic Expansion

Embrace yourself as genetically encoded

Cellular information being quickly promoted

Increased light means more knowledge

Enables self to free from old bondage

Darkness is lack of information

And masses succumb to manipulation


Our consciousness is expanding real fast

And then we can transcend to 5th dimensional life and beyond, at last

This veil of Illusion will then be no more

We are living our Authentic Self forever more


Copyright©2021 Hildegard Gmeiner

It is, who you really are

Mighty, strong and full of power

Like a hurricane

The oceans waves

A galactic storm

A force of nature


Might oceans of tiny molecules

Photons, protons and also quarks

Hurling through space with mighty force

Clustering as organs, arms, body and legs

What if you have come from outer space

We are amidst of a tornado


A wind of stardust

A wave of consciousness

At all times choosing to shift shapes

Always choosing life

In different ways

Look at that which is your beliefs

All indeed can be achieved

Check whose they really are

And if not yours, drop self-denial and abuse

Take only those, which are of use

Aches, Wars and Strive

Daily struggles to survive


An illusion, conditioning perceived as reality

Impossibility that dreams can’t be achieved

Truth be known, we’re not designed to be someone else’s clone

Humanity has always been free to choose

Kindness, Love or choose violence and Abuse

War, Starvation, Agony


Or Compassion, Good Will and Harmony

Fighting over Earth’s resource

Or sharing, knowing all’s part of the mighty FORCE

If where you are, does you not please

There is a way of greater ease

So listen to your inner voice


Connect to the stars up high

Answers might come from your child’s lullaby

The clouds did teach me

As did the voice of wind and waves

The rest came bit by bit

By listening to that inner pit


The place where you feel pain and joy

The spot you think might never heal

Once you allow yourself to feel

When one has gone way beyond the pain

Realizing all is part of the plan divine

Away from Reptilian to the Intuitive Brain


Giving my thoughts new direction

Excited molecules clustering differently

Attracting new people and opportunity

Seemingly having falling from eternity

Magically rising from certain death

To new levels of oneness in consciousness



Illness, wrinkles, fear of death, fell away

Showing how to live a different way

Guided by this brilliant light

Shining, ringing through, music of a different kind

From deep within, my Inner Sight

Mentoring, daring, pushing onward


Starting out, it feels hard to do

People around you saying

something’s wrong with you

Though in your soul you know

It’s the only way to get you through


When stages of age old illusion

Come crashing down

Causing massive confusion

Betrayal, hurt, and in authenticity

Pushing up for you to face the “beyond the obvious” reality


About what’s real and who you are

No one can help no friend near and no one far

The darkest night deep in your soul

Each one of us, has to walk through alone

Though guides and inspirations come

Subtle, in inconspicuous of ways


Directing lovingly your days

Towards where light shines in the aftermaths

Have Faith, Beloved Star Child you

The Force of Love is always there for you

Allow it in and ask for help

That kind, that comes from deep within


The brilliant Light

It eases pain and guides your step along the way

Soon you’ll see a better day

For now you learned

Beliefs, thoughts and words create

They shake up the mighty cosmic soup


Arrange universes based on your cues

Words once burning

Like a hot dessert sun’s fire

Now heal, like magic fairy dust

Create all you consciously express

Lover, money, evening dress


Impressed onto your body, out into the universe

Your thoughts on what you really want

Bring about that which you so long desired

Enabling life in harmony and peace

Feel happy and with magic ease

All the way, you do, which you came here to do


Complete happiness, deep soul-felt satisfaction

Through and through

Being and expressing your Authentic YOU

will easily always see you through

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