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We hope you enjoy the replays of some of our past presentations. 

Click on the zoom link below the presenter's name to be taken to their presentation. 

All of the presentations are in their original "rough" form,  with meeting room chats.

Click  Read More below presenter name to see their bio and contact information.

You can also find many of these presentations oN PTA YouTube  and  New Realities YouTube

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Monica Ramirez

Believing in ourselves --it's such a game changer!

Recorded Zoom Interview

Jen Majenta Moon

Jen Majenta Moon is a Shamanic Practitioner, Ceremonialist and Spirit Channeler. She is a true advocate for the importance of how to create ritual to manifest your work and dreams into becoming your reality, and is best recognised for her craft in providing spiritual medicineas healing.

With a comprehensive career in the industry spanning over 25 years, Jen Majenta Moon creates potent transformative spaces, curates exclusive experiences and facilitates intimate healings for people drawn to the realms of the Spiritual and Shamanic.

Sirve Foster